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Pediatric Dosing: Aluminum

Aluminum and Autism: A New Link Discovered

Aluminum and Autism: A New Link Discovered. Informed Consent Action Network Visit for more information.

Posted by Informed Consent Action Network on Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Aluminum in all its forms is a known neurotoxin. The FDA requires the following label on all parenteral nutrition products (CFR 21.201.323):

WARNING: This product contains aluminum that may be toxic. Aluminum may reach toxic levels with prolonged parenteral administration if kidney function is impaired. Premature neonates are particularly at risk because their kidneys are immature, and they require large amounts of calcium and phosphate solutions, which contain aluminum.

The studies the FDA cites show that ‘prolonged exposure’ is a matter of days. And they state:

“Research indicates that patients with impaired kidney function, including premature neonates, who receive parenteral levels of aluminum at greater than 4 to 5 µg/kg/day accumulate aluminum at levels associated with central nervous system and bone toxicity. Tissue loading may occur at even lower rates of administration.”

Parenteral nutrition products are i.v. fluids, foods, and injectables such as Vitamin K. For a 4.4 lb (2kg) premature infant, 5 µg/kg/day comes to just 10µg. The HepB vaccine, which contains 250 µg of aluminum as aluminum hydroxide, is routinely administered to premature babies. Because vaccines are not “nutrition,” they are not required by this CFR regulation to carry the warning label — therefore, doctors and nurses are not alerted to the acute dose of aluminum. THIS IS A CRITICAL FDA OVERSIGHT.

Full-term babies also have immature kidneys.  Aluminum content of vaccines:

  • Hib (PedVaxHib brand only) – 225 micrograms per shot.
  • Hepatitis B – 250 microgram
  • DTaP – depending on the manufacturer, ranges from 170 to 625 micrograms.
  • Pneumococcus – 125 micrograms.
  • Hepatitis A – 250 micrograms.
  • HPV – 500 micrograms.
  • Pentacel (DTaP, HIB and Polio combo vaccine) – 330 micrograms.
  • Pediarix (DTaP, Hep B and Polio combo vaccine) – 850 micrograms.

“A newborn who gets a Hepatitis B injection on day one of life would get 250 micrograms of aluminum. This would be repeated at one month of age with the next Hep B shot. When a baby gets the first big round of shots at 2 months, the total dose of aluminum can vary from 295 micrograms (if a non-aluminum HIB and the lowest aluminum brand of DTaP is used) to a whopping 1225 micrograms if the highest aluminum brands are used and Hep B vaccine is also given. These doses are repeated at 4 and 6 months. A child would continue to get some aluminum throughout the first 2 years with most rounds of shots.

Just to remind you, the FDA feels that premature babies and any patient with impaired kidney function shouldn’t get more than 10 to 25 micrograms of injected aluminum at any one time.

As a medical doctor, my first instinct is to worry that these aluminum levels far exceed what may be safe for young babies. But then my second instinct is to assume that this issue has been researched and that studies have been done on healthy infants to determine their ability to excrete aluminum rapidly. My third instinct is to go looking for these studies, and so far I have not been able to find any. It is likely that the FDA feels the kidneys of healthy infants work well enough to excrete this aluminum rapidly before it can circulate through the body, accumulate in the brain, and cause toxic effects. However, I can’t find any references in the FDA documents that show that using aluminum in vaccines has been tested in human infants and found to be safe.” Dr. Sears

A newly published peer-reviewed paper by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler et al reveals that the amount of aluminum in vaccines administered to infants is not based on safety, body weight, or renal function of pediatric populations. THIS IS ALSO A CRITICAL FDA OVERSIGHT. Parenterally administered products (i.v. or injection) are 100% absorbed (as opposed to ingested, which is only .3% absorbed). Anything above the filtering capacity of an infant’s immature kidneys will be loaded into tissue, organs including the brain, and bone. A recent study found high levels of intracellular aluminum in the brains of those with autism–a finding that implicates only injected aluminum, not ingested.

Professor Exley, "Cargo of Aluminum"

The most important video I have ever shared! Period.Hear Professor Exley, this week, in his own words, discussing the new study "Aluminium in brain tissue in autism." Pay attention to the DETAILS: It's not just the AMOUNT of the Aluminum that matters here (although its exceptionally high), it's the LOCATION of the Aluminum within the brain. Here's how he explains it:“Now, because I have seen the same cells that we will see at an injection site carrying a cargo of aluminum into the brain tissue of individuals who died with autism I would now say that we have to think very carefully about who receives a vaccine that includes an aluminum adjuvant. We need to think carefully, is this vaccine a life-saving vaccine or not? If it isn’t, don’t have it with an aluminum adjuvant.”Do you understand what he just said? He just said the aluminum from the injection site is carried, like "cargo," into the brain!! It changed his own mind about the role of aluminum in autism! He says:“I did not see a role for aluminum in autism. And I didn’t see a role for aluminum in vaccines in autism. I have to change my mind now on both of these. I have to change my mind that aluminum has a role in autism, I believe it now does.”Here's more detail:“Perhaps equally important if not more important were the microscopy studies. The microscopy studies enable us to identify where the aluminum was in the brain tissue. When we looked at our brains of people with a diagnosis of autism, we found something completely different and something we’ve never seen before as yet in any other set of human brains. We found that the majority of aluminum was actually inside cells, intracellular. Some of it was inside neurons, but actually the majority of it was inside non-neuronal cell populations. So we found that these cells were heavily loaded with aluminum. We also saw evidence that cells in the lymph and in the blood were passing into the brain, so they were carrying with them a cargo of aluminum from the body into the brain. This is the first time in any human brain tissue we have seen this so this is a standout and as yet unique observation in autism. For myself, it very much implicates aluminum in the etiology of autism. That doesn’t mean aluminum causes it, but it’s almost certainly playing a role in the disease.”Are the deniers in your life still trying to minimize the importance of this study? If they don't understand how important the LOCATION (which cells it's in, where it is) of the aluminum in the brain is to the findings, they don't understand the issue. By the way, this is EXACTLY what Vaccine Papers has been saying! Here's a simple brochure that explains this transport mechanism in a very clear way:×11.pdfHere's Professor Exley's study:'s an article I wrote about the study: is–without peer–the most important science done to date that ties so much other science together. Read my article from back in February, watch this video, and your mind will be blown. Truth is staring us all in the face!! The leading expert in the world on the neurotoxicology of aluminum just said we need to rethink using it in vaccines!! Are you awake??? Here's my article from back in February: THIS WITH EVERYONE. Please!

Posted by J.B. Handley on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

How does repeated exposure to aluminum adjuvants–in utero, at birth, and throughout infancy impact the immunological and neurological health of children?

On June 2 in Bothell, and June 3 in Spokane, James Lyons-Weiler, PhD and André Angelantoni will be giving presentations on the mechanisms of aluminum adjuvant/vaccination injury that lead to autoimmune and neurological disorders.



  • When: JUNE 2, 2018 from 10am – 4:30pm
  • Where: Discovery Hall 061 at University of Washington, Bothell Campus*
  • Food? Please BYOB (bring your own brown-bag lunch)! During the half-hour lunch, you can eat in the auditorium, or find a cozy spot on campus. WE WILL NOT BE PROVIDING FOOD OR DRINKS. Campus cafes are closed on Saturdays, but the campus Subway shop will be open until 2pm. Campus Subway.
  • Parking: On campus ($4)
  • Kids Allowed? Yes! We understand the challenges of parenting, and trying to sneak away. Kids are welcome, but it will likely be dull for them, so please bring quiet, diverting toys, and lunch.

*UWB is a rented venue and not affiliated with this event. This is an Informed Choice WA event.

Map of Campus:


  • When: JUNE 3, 2018 from 2pm – 5pm
  • Where: Covenant Church – Spokane Campus, 3506 W Princeton Ave, Spokane, WA. 98205
  • Parking: free onsite
  • Kids Allowed? Yes! We understand the challenges of parenting, and trying to sneak away. Kids are welcome, but it will likely be dull for them, so please bring quiet, diverting toys.

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COST: The June 2 & 3 Events are FREE, but donations are gratefully accepted at the door, and donations can be made here:

Whenever possible, we present our events free of charge, or at very low cost, because we believe education is a fundamental right and absolutely essential for medical freedom and informed consent.

This is an all-volunteer organization, and educational events are possible only with donations. Thank you!

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About Our Presenters & Presentations

James Lyons-Weiler, Ph.D., Evolutionary Biology, with postdoctoral studies in molecular evolution and functional genomics. He is the author of several books, including THE ENVIRONMENTAL AND GENETIC CAUSES OF AUTISM, and several peer-reviewed papers, including Reconsideration of the immunotherapeutic pediatric safe dose levels of aluminum.

Lyons-Weiler will be presenting (in Bothell and Spokane; this presentation will also be live-streamed):

ER Hyperstress Models of Vaccine-Induced Autism and Autoimmunity: We Know Far More Than We Think

By reviewing thousands of research studies on autism, vaccines, and autoimmunity, Dr. Lyons-Weiler has pieced together the majority of the scientific evidence that exists that places vaccine additives at the center of two of the largest medical epidemics in the history of humankind. Current research supports that vaccine metals induce a stress on cells’ abilities to fold proteins called ER stress.  When this stress is combined with ER stress from inherited or de novo mutations, a phenomenon called ER Hyperstress occurs.  This causes cellular death, release of cellular signals of injury and inflammation, the release of oddly folded proteins, and the recirculation of metals that can then injure additional cells.

ER Hyperstress is a fundamentally central condition that leads to autism, and many types of autoimmune disorders.  The evidence presented includes a review of animal studies that use aluminum hydroxide, a common vaccine additive, to induce autoimmune symptoms in animals;  studies that point to ER stress in autoimmune disorders in humans and case reports of autoimmune disorders occurring after immunization.  Dr. Lyons-Weiler also has found that most epidemiological correlational studies do not provide sufficiently critical tests of hypotheses of correlation, and that negative results in studies seeking association are expected due to insufficient statistical power, and to a mismatch between the design of population-level ecological studies of association that fail to incorporate prior knowledge of family-specific genetic risk.

Present medical syndromic explanations lack sufficiently detailed mechanisms by which genetic and environmental risk combine to cause these mysterious disorders and do not sufficiently explain co-morbid conditions such as seizures and multiple chemical sensitivity.  The ER Hyperstress Models of autism and autoimmunity is consistent with and predicts all of the known details of these syndromes (vaccine-induced encephalopathy and autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA); in autoimmunity, it encompasses the known mechanisms (molecular mimicry, by-stander activation, epitope spreading and cryptic antigens).  The models also yield specific, testable hypotheses and point to new study designs that will not only empower the biomedical community to find association, but will also lead to a fundamental shift in our understanding of the seemingly diverse mechanisms of the pathophysiologies of these disorders and, most importantly, to a set of risk factors and biomarkers that will allow us to predict who is most likely to develop autism and autoimmune conditions from vaccines.

André Angelantoni is the Project Lead of The Vaccine Course.

Angelantoni will be presenting (in Bothell and Spokane; this presentation will NOT be live-streamed):

Vaccine-Induced Autoimmunity: What’s Known and What is Suspected?

Approximately 50 million Americans suffer from autoimmune diseases, according to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, and there are over 100 named autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune reactions cause tremendous suffering, death and cost in developed countries.

As with all drugs, there are side effects to vaccines and one side effect is autoimmune reactions. In this presentation, André Angelantoni, project lead of the forthcoming Vaccine Course, will place vaccine-induced autoimmunty within the Mosaic of Autoimmunity. He will review the primary mechanisms of vaccine-induced autoimmunity, with an emphasis on molecular mimicry and aluminum-triggered responses. He will also review suspected mechanisms such as repeated immune activation, retroviral contamination, the effects of using fetal human DNA cell cultures and genetic factors that increase the risk of an autoimmune reaction.

The presentation will finish with several key modifications that could be made to both vaccines and the vaccine program to reduce the occurrence of vaccine-induced autoimmune reactions.

Presentation at the Bothell Event only (this presentation will NOT be live-streamed):

The Evidence of Vaccine Damage Keeps Mounting. What next?

As the evidence of vaccine damage, such as vaccine-induced autoimmunity and vaccine-induced neurological damage, continues to mount, what should the goal of the vaccine-risk aware community be?

In this presentation, André Angelantoni, will outline both known and suspected types of damage caused by the mass-vaccination program. He will review how and why this damage isn’t being recognized and how to make the vaccine program safer. Finally, he will propose a new ultimate role of mass-vaccination as well as milestones to get us there.


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