House Bill 2009 is legislation regarding mandatory vaccination introduced during the 2015 Legislative Session. Present status: with Health Rules Committee. Not currently being considered.

  •         As it was initially written, HB 2009 would eliminate the “personal belief/philosophical” exemptions from Washington’s school immunization law.
  •         If passed, HB 2009 will mandate all children, irrespective of family medical history, risk factors, or philosophical belief systems, receive the full set and full schedule of recommended vaccines, or those children will be considered non-compliant with state law and be ineligible to attend any public or private school, including home schools connected with public or private schools.
  •         HB 2009 applies to ALL state licensed public or private schools, including day cares.
  •         The only vaccine exceptions available to Washingtonians will be medical exemptions or religious exemptions, which are difficult to obtain.
  •         HB 2009 removes the informed consent process where a medical procedure that has benefits, risks, and alternatives is fully explained to the patient and the patient gets to choose whether and how to proceed.
  •         If HB 2009 is passed by the Legislature, it will take effect 90 days after the governor signs it into law.  There will be no public vote or citizen input.

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