2024 WA State Bills That Need Your Attention

Julie Barrett, founder of Conservative Ladies of Washington, reviews state bills that need attention from citizens. Bills topics include parental rights, school curriculum, a state tattletale hotline, state constitutional amendments, and more.

Reference Links

HB 2157 / SB 5982 Updating the definition of “vaccine”

  • Position: Oppose (or amend)
  • Status: Senate version placed on second reading by Rules

SB 6204 School districts’ authority to establish their curriculum

  • Position: Support
  • Status: Not yet scheduled for committee hearing

HB 2027 / SB 5905 Concerning certification, background checks, and training requirements for sheriffs, police chiefs, marshals, reserve officers, and volunteers.

  • Position: Oppose
  • Status: Still in committee; possible vote if scheduled for executive session

HB 1333 (2023) Domestic Violent Extremism Commission

  • Position: Oppose
  • Status: House rules 2 committee; could get place on floor calendar

HB 1934 / SB 5838 AI Task Force

  • Position: Oppose; very delicate subject that could easily be used to violate free speech of certain groups/types
  • Status: both are moving through committees with one certain to make floor debate

HB 2250 / SB 5156 Increasing representation and voter participation in local elections (aka. Allows ranked choice voting (RCV))

  • Position: Oppose
  • Status: House version is moving toward floor debate

HB 1220 / SB 5209 Establishing universal civic duty voting

  • Position: Oppose
  • Status: Senate version moving through committees