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Informed Life Radio is a free speech radio show that discusses the science, history, and politics of medicine and health so that you can make informed decisions for you and your family. Guests include doctors, scientists, attorneys, parents, attorneys, educators and more, all with the common goal of restoring medical and religious freedom, informed consent, and human rights.

The show is broadcast live every Friday from 3-5 PM Pacific Time.

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Health Hour: How to Clear Spike Protein

Guest Christina Parks, PhD, presents key considerations for clearing spike protein (from COVID-19 infection or vaccination) from the body. And ...

Liberty Hour: The Jacobson Decision

Health Freedom Defense Fund's recent legal victory in the Ninth Circuit has everyone talking about the 1905 Jacobson v. Massachusetts ...

Health Hour: Why is Redox Homeostasis Important?

Cellular Redox Homeostasis is absolutely critical to health, but . . . what is it? Guest Laura Dentone joins the ...

Liberty Hour: New EU Laws Censor & Harm Americans

While the world has been distracted by threats from the WHO, new European Union laws and rules quietly went into ...

Liberty Hour: Holding Elected Officials Accountable

Under our Constitutional Republic and the Common Law, we have the right and responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable ...

Liberty Hour: Justice for Vaccine Victims

In this Memorial Day Weekend episode of the LIBERTY HOUR, hosts honor those who were injured or killed by vaccines, ...

Health Hour: They Answered the Call

In this Memorial Day Weekend episode of the HEALTH HOUR, hosts pay tribute to those who stood up, spoke out, ...

Liberty Hour: Struck Twice by Pharma

 Katie Thompson courageously shares how she was severely injured by Merck's Gardasil and subsequently prescribed an antidepressant with frightening ...

Health Hour: The Art & Science of Earthing

Dr. Henele explains how the various methods of grounding, also known as "earthing", can greatly reduce the impact EMFs (electromagnetic ...

Health Hour: The Health Wonders of Light

 We all know that light is essential to life, but how exactly? Guest Carrie Bennett, MS ACN, Quantum Health ...

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Bernadette Pajer

Bernadette relishes vigorous discussions on matters of public health importance. She advocates for scientific integrity in public health policy and for integrity in science. She supports the Terrain Theory approach to wellness and disease prevention, medical freedom, and fully informed consent. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, now living in Tennessee, she is the Public Policy Director for Informed Choice Washington, serves as the TN Director for Stand For Health Freedom, and strives to bring “the missing information” to legislators, public health officials, and the general public.

Xavier Figueroa

Xavier is a doctoral-level graduate from the University of Washington program in Neurobiology & Behavior, the Department of Environmental Health & Toxicology in the School of Public Health. He is passionate about active engagement with public health and educational institutions to expose ethical and legal violations causing harm to life and liberty.

Bob Runnells

Bob Runnells is a believer in the amazing powers of the human immune system and is very skeptical of “safe and effective” pharmaceutical interventions, especially those products that are heavily marketed or promoted by government agencies. He’s passionate about exposing the truth about these products and at the same time the actual safe and effective alternatives. Retired from careers in engineering and risk management consulting, Bob hopes to bring to light more truth as vice-president of Informed Choice Washington and a co-lead of the Washington Chapter for Children’s Health Defense.