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Existing WA State Laws & Proposed Legislation (Bills) & Rules

Informed Choice WA supports medical freedom and fully informed consent, and we align with human rights protections, such as the Nuremberg Code, which is International Common Law. Because they conflict with our unalienable rights, we oppose all vaccine mandates, public and private. We work with our members and legislators to protect medical, religious, and personal exemptions to existing vaccination requirements as temporary measures until all mandates are eliminated.

Existing WA State Vaccination and Related Laws

  • CHILDHOOD Vaccine State Laws & Exemptions
  • ADULT Vaccine State Law & Exemptions
  • PRIVATE EMPLOYER & HIGHER EDUCATION Vaccine Requirements. What are your rights?
    As is being demonstrated in numerous court cases, a religious exemption should be allowed and respected by employers, schools and colleges. Accommodations should not be onerous on the employee, especially when all employees, even the vaccinated, can transmit an infection.

2023-24 Proposed Vaccination and Related Bills in Legislature

Information on the Legislature and Individual Lawmakers

Washington Government Employees Are No Longer Mandated to Take COVID Vaccines

10 May 2023 UPDATE: The below state employee vaccination requirement has been rescinded. SEE: DIRECTIVE OF THE GOVERNOR RESCINDING DIRECTIVE 22.13 et seq. 22-13.2