AAP Declares War On Religion

On March 16, 2019, the American Association of Pediatricians declared war against the very foundation of the United States by announcing:

“Elimination of religious vaccine exemptions ranked top priority at Annual Leadership Forum”

The AAP and its members are dependent on the financial support of vaccine manufacturers through:

  • direct sponsorship of the association
  • incentives by insurance companies who are themselves incentivized by manufacturers
  • income provided by “well child visits” when vaccines are given
  • follow-up visits of children who have developed immune and neurological conditions from their reactions to the vaccinations
  • the CDC and other public health agencies that are also deeply connected to and funded by vaccine manufacturers.

Read the full news release HERE.

The AAP is taking its goal beyond the resolution stage and implementing strategies to achieve it, announcing the “development of a toolkit that highlights successful chapter strategies for the purpose of helping chapters work with their state legislatures to eliminate/reduce religious exemptions that have allowed immunization refusals.”

They are also calling for “Access to Evidence-Based Treatment for Children and Adolescents With Neurodevelopmental Disorders Beyond Autism” which is a noble goal ONLY if prevention and recovery are included. The AAP does not acknowledge that vaccination can lead to neurodevelopment disorders and they most often choose pharmaceutical approaches to symptoms rather than seeking actual healing protocols.

The 10th Resolution in the AAP’s list calls for the “Public Education About Intramuscular Vitamin K Administration at Birth” and this will not include the risks and unintended, ignored consequences of Vitamin K injections.

You can contact the AAP and let them know your thoughts on their goals regarding religious exemptions, neurological disorders, and the Vitamin K shot HERE.