Open Letter on Exemptions


An Open Letter from Edward F. Fogarty, MD

I am a practicing physician with multiple state licenses who has had the privilege of being the Chairman of Radiology at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine for the last 12 years. My pathways of understanding many issues in medicine and law have dovetailed over understandings of fraud in science and medicine. I am associated with a large network of attorneys and physicians who have the best intentions of employing whistleblower statutes and legal leverage where possible to alert our fellow citizens of Federal and State Fraud, Waste and Abuse practices.

Additionally, for full disclosure of a personal understanding of “ethical vaccinomics” issues, I have a son named Riley who was born 16 years ago today and has severe autism. From a metals detoxification standpoint, Riley has an epigenetic risk of neuroimmunologic and neurodevelopmental problems related to metals handling in his body due to Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase genes. Riley has 2 different alleles coding for 2 different protein sequences that are slower methylators than the wild type (normal) MTHFR genes.

From an overview perspective of medicine by way of interacting with every specialty in multiple states, my profession of medical imaging has a unique observational role and its practitioners a unique voice in medical ethics and public health. The profession of radiology relies on a primary principle of ALARA in the protection of public health.  This is especially relevant on a developmental continuum in pediatric radiology. This acronym stands for As Low As Reasonably Achievable.

At its core, the ALARA concept imparts the understanding that we should strive to reduce the dose of toxins in our practice of medicine to achieve the therapeutic goals of Interventional Radiology or the goals of Diagnostic Imaging for our colleagues tracking disease via the most advanced machines of modern physics in medicine.

Whether those toxins are purely waveforms, or a mix of waveforms from injected metals (radioisotopes), or a non-radioactive metal such as gadolinium, we must always strive to protect our patients from this genetic and immunologically harmful substances under our Hippocratic Oath.

There are obvious parallels between my pediatric radiology practice and that of general pediatricians with regards to the ALARA ethical principles. These ethical principles transcend state, national and international law.  These ethical principles apply to the approaches we should use in philosophical exemptions from any form of mandated medicine by government, especially those heavily influenced by corporations.

Increasingly, vaccine injuries are being diagnosed by the world’s radiology community. The well characterized Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants (ASIA) is often documented in MRI images as Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA). This has resulted in the occupational disability of many healthcare workers around the nation in recent years with the push for 100% compliance in healthcare for the use of influenza vaccines.

This is not only a costly loss of worker productivity, influenza vaccines are a yearly unethical experiment because of the lack of any safety studies on these medical products. Influenza vaccines are distributed within weeks of their development and have repeatedly been found contaminated aftermarket release in the last 20 years.  Our national healthcare security through the workforce of physicians, nurses, laboratory and radiology technologists is placed at risk for political espionage even as more vaccines are manufactured in jurisdictions that could use these products as Trojan horses for slow viruses or prions. Epidemiologically, my colleagues in public health, Neurology or Infectious Disease will need years and many exposures to identify a signal if such covert biological warfare is occurring even now.

As an academic physician and multi-state practitioner of radiology working with some of our nation’s researchers in search of answers to the acute neurological crises impacting our country, I have published several neuroimaging statistical analyses of brain injury from metals linked through TBI and dementia. These clinical entities respond to Hyperbaric Medical interventions and have known associations to iron and aluminum exposures to the brain.

My expert witness role in medico-legal venues has also brought forth cases of extrinsically triggered encephalomyelitis temporally related to vaccine administration in previously healthy infants, grade schoolers and high schoolers. These children often have a genetic predisposition to immunologically mediated injuries by poor metal detoxification genetics in methylation and sulfation genes. In some instances, the indiscriminate practice of injecting adjuvants into the wrong tissues such as occurs with SIRVA leads to autoimmunity that does not have an inherent genetic risk signature—these adjuvants can be deposited directly against nerve tissues similar to the joint capsule collagen in SIRVA and cross react with the surface proteins, creating an army of immune system cells ready to attack a child’s own brain.

Bioinformatics involving the study of molecular genetics and homologies or divergences of sequences are a complex subject. My son’s condition rests on the complex interplay of variant genes with the environment. Ironically, my molecular genetics research project at the University of Chicago as an undergraduate exploited the homologies of mice and humans in the sequencing of intermediate filaments by using a cross-species primer hybridization technique to reduce costs and speed the process of sequencing the mouse Keratin 14 gene in the laboratory of Elaine Fuchs, PhD.  Mouse models for gene knockout technology or immunologic modeling of human disease are extremely important to our understanding of complex immunological and epigenetic interactions leading to disease.

Our nation’s scientists have long used a mouse model of encephalitis by mixing vaccines with neural tissues from one ground-up mouse brain which is then injected into a living mouse by lumbar puncture techniques; my practice in Interventional radiology includes lumbar punctures in children with suspected meningitis.   By this crude adjuvant/antigen complex we can produce an accurate model of acute encephalomyelitis. ADEM in humans is a known listed side effect of vaccination.

One additional insight from the world of animals in the interaction of vaccines with neurological function involves my colleagues who hold the degree of DVM. The veterinary community has a term for failure to thrive after vaccination in young mammals—their profession’s word for this is vaccinosis. Yet this term is never found in the human medical literature.

Mild recurrent encephalitis from trauma with iron is being defined as CTE in our athletes and on MRIs with specific sequences (SWI), capturing the virtual history of this recurrent chronic encephalitis by medical imaging techniques recoding iron/hemosiderin deposits. It is no stretch to suggest that autism in some children may be a complex metals detoxification impairment syndrome from stepwise recurrent encephalitis. This relates to a myriad of environmental toxins such as lead, mercury and aluminum as well as cytokine stimulus from viral illnesses, some being proprietary live infections from a corporation named Merck. Basic immunology and periodic table politics aside, would you as a legislator mandate YOUR OWN participation in a marketplace that has no liability for its products? There is no liability for these products and thus the best real economic mechanism we have left to discern fraud is consumer choice.

Recently, one of my esteemed academic colleagues named Andrew Zimmerman, MD released an affidavit regarding the cover-up of the link between autism and vaccines that has had profound impacts on the children and families of America. I will not go into the full details, however I encourage you to learn more about this serious and frankly criminal suppression of the truth by those in government who do not have brain-injured American children and their families interests’ in mind as their sworn “officers of the court” duties might imply. Legal malpractice has clearly occurred here, resulting in the institutionalized denial of any association between brain injury and vaccination. The irony of the 1986 Childhood Vaccine protection Act is that the law was put into play to protect the vaccine companies from bankruptcy due to product safety issues.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the UN 12/10/48 and other succeeding international declarations rights to healthcare did not foresee the fraudulent racketeering of the profession of medicine. These charters and proclamations did vow the protection of individuals against state mandated procedures. They still stand as guideposts to why the children of the state of Washington and their families should have the continued ability to opt out of one, some, or even all of the recommended childhood vaccines because the industry has not been transparent with its safety records.

We do not have the ability to easily understand who is at risk of vaccine injury in children, especially our newborns, we pour billions into individualized care of the legislative-age crowd on pharmacogenomic safety studies so that products like Vioxx do not destroy lives of our learned elders. As we have never done anything of the sort in public health and policy for our most developmentally and eugenically vulnerable wildcards of mixed genes in American families, we practice tacit genetic discrimination in the access to public education.  Our school budgets are skyrocketing on the increasing numbers of special needs children.

One of the more honest barometers of the neurological health and well-being of our children are these special needs budgets. These committed resources were a miniscule part of major city educational budgets in cities such as Seattle and my hometown of Omaha in the 1970s. I have cousins who grew up in Omaha and are now teachers in Washington.  The budgetary canaries-in-the-coal-mine keep pointing to an environmental disaster occurring in our children.  This complex environmental stress environment upon our youngest generation has many inputs outside of medicine, but again by ALARA principle, why not investigate better timing of vaccine product innovations for those who continue to choose vaccinations for their children as my family has. The epigenetic influences and stresses on our children are also hitting our elderly with accelerating dementia prevalence and incidence.

What is next in this microenvironmental pollution of our national bloodstreams and vessels of terrestrial seawater capable of ambulation?  Will you as legislators upon hearing of the research accumulating in the world’s literature on the acceleration of dementia via aluminum and mercury in the various routes of bodily entry, begin to defend your own right to choose to avoid metals intoxicants to your brain before congregating in the state capitol? Please recognize my home state of North Dakota and my tax dollars have come into play to help your state with an innocuous measles outbreak that can be treated with high dose vitamin A.

Additionally, the root of the behavioral economics problems of marketing vaccines in this day are directly related to smart parents understanding some of the issues of graft in government as well as overt scientific fraud. There are many MDs, PhDs, DVMs, RNs, NPs, JDs, and other professional parents who vaccinated their children as my spouse and I did on schedule only to find all these criminal conundrums after we saw our children fall off a metal-induced immunologically eroded cliff of neurodevelopmental delay.

If removing philosophical exemptions to participation in fraudulent unregulated markets are what your collective actions bring to bear in your state, you may find liabilities that you did not anticipate. I can say this without reservation, the most pervasive molecular crime against humanity in the last 20 years has been the use of aluminum injections on day one of life which have no medical indication. Diagnostic medicine has long ago marked the crime of medical assault on American babies whose mothers’ obstetric laboratory panels have shown millions of times over that they are delivering antibodies against the Hep B vaccine itself to their fetuses. There is no medical indication for a vaccine on day one of life outside of active infection of the mother. The rest of my colleagues in medicine would be sued or lose their license for serial billing of the state or insurance companies on completely worthless un-indicated interventions like Hep B on day one, or for that matter, at 2 months of life.

With growing whistleblower cases coming out of the woodwork in scientific fraud are you really ready to cast this lot towards your constituents’ children and families. The U.S. Department of Justice has a case against Merck in Pennsylvania for the scandalous corporate racketeering of scientists that were told to spike the data for mumps to pass the bar of 95% efficacy, ostensibly so that Merck would not lose the monopoly on MMR in this country. I believe you can all see now that the only check and balance in the system against fraud in vaccine science is a public consumer (parents) becoming aware within our nation discourse regarding these issues. Please hold the line on the philosophical exceptions for the greater good of Washington’s political well-being. Forcing your youngest citizens to participate in a fraud and racketeering scheme is a violation of basic human rights. We first need ethical corporate leadership in the vaccine industry before we can trust our genetically-disabled to the gross negligence of entire generations of humans being treated like cattle. Thank you for your time and attention, may the wisdom of the great decision makers of history help you discern the best for your state regarding philosophical exemptions.

Dr. Edward F. Fogarty, Illinois, 2/20/19



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