Antiviral Nutrition by Dr Alex Vasquez

Real Health & Healthy Immunity come from understanding our immune systems, incorporating healthy lifestyle habits, and knowing the variety of preventative and healing approaches.


In the below linked video (click on the image to go to Vimeo to watch), each treatment consideration includes the following six important components:

  • Functions: How does each intervention function at the molecular/physiologic level? Which nutrients have more than one function, and which nutrients deliver the “grand slam” of covering all four anti-viral bases for prevention and treatment?
  • Preventive dosing: What is the appropriate dosing (for adults) for daily preventive healthcare?
    Acute dosing: Given that acute dosing during an active infection commonly requires higher levels of supplementation, what are the higher doses commonly used in clinical practice?
  • Cautions: What are the risks? Do we assess with physical exam, symptoms, or lab testing? Which components of the plan have essentially zero risk?
  • Toxicity: Do we need to be concerned with legitimate toxicity, or any drug interactions? Which of the two interventions show a very narrow therapeutic index, meaning that the treatment dose is very close to the toxic dose?
  • Clinical / labs / more: What additional considerations do we need to keep in mind? Do we need to be overcautious or are we mostly good-to-go?

Sources and additional information:

  1. Original booklet/chapter publication Antiviral Nutrition, 2014: now available as a PDF download contains the “complete” discussion and relevant diagrams; note that this entire section is reprinted within Chapter 4 of Inflammation Mastery / Textbook of Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine.
  2. Supplemented Paleo-Mediterranean Diet Video and PDF linked below
    1. The Presentation: See video from the 2013 International Conference on Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine
    2. The Article: First published as an article in 2005, then updated and expanded for Inflammation Mastery in 2014/2016; now available as PDF/download

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