Breaking News: WA BOH Votes

April 13, 2022 – Washington State

Moments ago, the Washington State Board of Health voted to accept the recommendation of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to not add COVID-19 shots to school entry requirement at this time.

This means the BOH will not move forward with the rulemaking steps that would have been required to add shots to the school entry requirement list.

Chief Science Officer Dr. Tao Kwan-Gett made it very clear that the science is still unfolding and that in the future there may be situations that require them to revisit their decision. He also stressed that the state believes the shots to be safe and effective for children and strongly recommend them. WA Secretary of Health Umair A. Shah, MD, MPH, also stressed his support for the shots, stating the Department of Health believe them to be safe and effective.

The board members’ supportive stance on the shots has no standing in science whatsoever. The shots are already obsolete (generate a spike protein no longer in circulation), and have been proven highly unsafe and ineffective. The board appears unphased by any of the data supplied by the public, blind to the unprecedented levels of injuries and deaths caused by the shots, oblivious to the absurdity of mandating shots that don’t prevent transmission and wane in weeks.

Each of their repeated remarks that the shots are “safe and effective” serve to further degrade trust in public health. Their statements about moving forward to change the public’s perception of the shots means the state will be ramping up its misinformation marketing efforts to coerce and compel uptake.

The board member comments indicated they would be willing to reconsider the question of mandates in the future.

The BOH staff is still processing the thousands of written public comments opposed to shot mandates. As the comments are uploaded, they will be added to time #4 on the meeting materials page.

During the meeting, ninety minutes of powerful and factual public comment was given in opposition to mandates.

The meeting was streamed on TVW. When the recording is available, it will be found HERE.