John Stockton

Cancel Culture is Alive & Well – Censorship Strikes Wenatchee Event

Video & Press Release of well-attended Pandemic Harms Listening Session in Wenatchee on Jan. 28th 2023 are pulled down after drawing too much attention.

ICWA account with EIN Presswire cancelled without cause.

The volunteer organizers for the Pandemic Harms Listening Session in Wenatchee knew they would face some adversity.

There were social media naysayers and the local paper to contend with. But after the hugely-successful event was held with nearly 500 attendees, confidence grew that the messages from the event could be broadcast wider. Informed Choice WA helped the organizers get the word out by posting the recording on YouTube & Rumble and publishing a press release on EIN Presswire.

The YouTube video was pulled after only one day! Not really much of a surprise since many verboten words were invoked – like “ivermectin has anti-viral properties” and “natural immunity is the best defense.”

The press release stayed published for two days UNTIL it received too much attention. Host Bill Sullivan’s interview on Stew Peters helped raise the important alarm that over 50% of the population could have subclinical myocarditis. Peters’ twitter post and others quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views and engagements. Thank goodness for internet archives and for another site that picked up on the news. 

Insult to injury, Informed Choice WA’s account with EIN was cancelled without explanation!

To overcome this blatant censorship, please watch and share our new Highlight video to help spread the records of harm and messages of hope.

Highlight Reel of Pandemic Harms Listening Session.

The full-length recording is also available.

Please donate to ICWA as they scramble to find other ways to keep pushing these truthful messages out there.