COVID-19 From Prevention Through Recovery

It’s exciting to see emerging in this unprecedented and difficult time,  vitally important information about prevention and treatment that respects the current understanding of the human immune system and how appropriately utilizing the building blocks of health are truly the future of medicine.
A new paper published in the IMCJ Integrative Medicine – A Clinician’s Journal, provides an “immune-physiological approach” to preventing infection as well as addressing symptoms at varying stages, with nutrients and therapies that support optimal immune system protection and response.

Evidence Supporting a Phased Immuno-physiological Approach to COVID-19 From Prevention Through Recovery

“We review evidence from early observational studies and the existing literature on both outcomes and mechanisms of disease, to inform a phased approach to support the patient at risk for infection, with infection, with escalating inflammation during infection, and at risk of negative sequelae as they move into recovery.”