ICWA is proud to support the second conference by Dr. Henry Ealy (aka Dr. Henele) and his great team.

It’s all about empowerment. At this event (which will be both in-person and online) you will discover how to shift . . .


“What makes COVID CON & Beyond! unique among conferences is that in addition to getting information you can trust, you’ll also get to make an immediate difference! Your generosity funds health education in natural medicine, grand jury petitions to hold alleged criminals accountable, and REAL help for children healing from gene modification injuries…that’s right…it’s NOT a vaccine and never was.

What we’ve learned over the longest 2 years of our lives is that sickness IS slavery. How many of our loved ones were murdered for profit in hospitals by a heartless medical system that lied, mandated, violated informed consent laws, violated patient rights, played god, and imprisoned our loved ones while also withholding evidence-based treatments?

So that’s one option, but thankfully we can do better. What if you could escape to a land where freedom was respected and love was the new normal?

Well you can escape to freedom by attending COVID CON & Beyond! and learning from humans with good hearts who will light the way into OUR new normal of hope, happiness, and freedom for ALL!”

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