Fact or Fiction?

by Dr. Carver

Originally published at Zana’s Newsletter

The Washington State Board of Health is currently having a meeting today [March 9, 2022] and part of this meeting is a COVID-19 update. There is a huge elephant in the room about the change in reporting guidelines from the CDC and the quiet declaring that COVID-19 numbers are going down and we can relax on the masking requirements. No one seems to see the direct correlation with the decline in COVID case numbers and the recent change in infection reporting procedures right before the President’s State of the Union address and right after the rock bottom crash in Democrat poling numbers. However, that is another topic for another day. Today, I will be brief.


Below is a slide presented at the WSBOH meeting today, which was followed by the typical “get vaccinated” mantra that we hear so often -but is it true?


The truth is that there is no vaccination information for 80% of the breakthrough cases in hospitalizations. For all we know 80% of these “unknown” cases could be in the vaccinated. I have a friend who is a nurse and a whole group of nurses were instructed to write “unknown” for vaccine status if a vaccinated patient is admitted to the hospital for COVID-19.

Pg 9; https://doh.wa.gov/sites/default/files/2022-02/420-339-VaccineBreakthroughReport.pdf

Furthermore, a person is classified as being unvaccinated from the time of the first injection until 14 days after the second dose and if delayed in getting a booster dose. I could speculate on this all day but the fact is, we really don’t know what the accurate proportion of vaccinated to unvaccinated is in the hospital if 80% are reported as unknown. Lastly, it is highly misleading and unethical for the WSBOH to present the prior slide without clarifying this discrepancy.


In Pfizer’s own studies, the court ordered release of their internal documents, it was shown that the C19 inoculations caused death in 3% of test subjects, yet the risk of death from SARs-CoV-2 for children aged 19 and under in WA state is .0007345%.  Why was a proper risk benefit analysis for children not conducted?  Omicron is mild and presents no risk to healthy children.  So why is the WSBOH continuing to push Covid as an emergency situation?


I would like to gratefully acknowledge Dr. Henele who noticed the “unknown” vaccination status discrepancy in the WSBOH Breakthrough Report.

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