Trista Martin, Naomi White, Ernesto Ramirez, Jr

Have You Shared SHOT DEAD?

Those of us in the fight to stop the corruption and collusion of Big Pharma, legacy media, and our government and its agencies, are fully aware of injuries and deaths caused by the unsafe and ineffective products they are pushing onto the public.

But censorship, shadow-banning, and outright lies are effectively preventing many outside our circles from hearing the truth. Documentary films such as SHOT DEAD, produced by We the Patriots USA, can help break through those silencing barriers and it is very important that we all continue to share everywhere. From the film’s producers:

“This is the movie we wish we didn’t have to make. But this is a movie everyone needs to see. For the first time ever, hear the stories of covid shot deaths as told by the parents who lost their children. Shot Dead premiered on November 9, 2023 – the one-year anniversary of 18 year-old Trista Martin’s death from the shot, in her hometown of Tulsa (Trista is featured prominently in the film).

Hear from the families brave enough to speak up and admit that the shot killed their children. Hear from the ones who have refused to keep quiet. We all know that there are so many who have sold out to pharma, denying that their loved ones were hurt or killed by the shots. But there is no amount of money or threats that can keep these parents from speaking truth in honor of their children…and so this doesn’t happen to one more child.

This is the first film that focuses on the deeply personal aspect of the devastation unleashed by the shot and the mandates, as told by the families who lost loved ones. This film will make you cry. This film will make you think. And this film will prompt you to take action for children everywhere.”

We the Patriots Website

CAUTION The below image of an email communication at a hospital contains disturbing content. The film SHOT DEAD contains an explanation of the email received by a nurse and what she witnessed after the shots began to be given to pregnant women.

Document relating details of increase in fetal deaths.