At last, the lifesaving potential of HBOT is being used to help patients recover and clinical trials are underway! is providing audio and video interviews, case reports from frontline doctors, and information about ongoing trials. Here is a sampling:

Dr. Thibodeaux at Opelousas General Hospital explained the difference between treating a patient with hyperbaric treatments as opposed to a ventilator.

“The advantage of the hyperbaric chamber is that it’s not invasive, so the patient doesn’t have to be intubated,” explains Dr. Thibodeaux. “They’re placed in a chamber and they’re breathing normally, and they don’t require the support of a machine. The ventilator itself requires pressure to drive oxygen into the lung, and that exposure to that pressure can worsen the lung damage that’s already being caused by the virus.”

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“Significant for so many reasons. First, we have the patient volume to show HBOT is working.”

Regarding a 70 year old critically ill patient on a Cardizem drip and Amniodarone for his new onset atrial fibrillation and high heart rate: “We started his treatment, we had a wonderful NP translate for him and is family. He started perking up. He started talking, he opened his eyes completely and regained facial expression… then he realized we did not put a gown on him (he had sheets and blankets), and he got irritated at us because he was hot but he didn’t want to take his blankets off. He had a foley and he moved around and dislodged it from the urinal we had it in, so rightfully so, he was really irritated about that. His final complaint was how soon could he eat? Like the “best rant ever” on Tuesday night, I almost started laughing. Not laughing AT him, but laughing because I was beyond excited that a dying man was mad he didn’t have a hospital gown on and asking for food (after not eating for 3 days) when he had previously been so weak he couldn’t open his eyesPatients dying from COVID-19 don’t complain, because they can’t talk! It’s a good thing I wear a mask because when they complain after HBOT, I can’t stop smiling. He was returned to the ICU, sitting up in a wheelchair, chattering away, with his eyes wide open!

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