ICAN UPDATE: Medical Exemptions to Masks

Important news from the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN)

Del Bigtree asked ICAN’s attorneys to explain when someone can claim a medical exemption and whether a business can ask for proof of the medical exemption. ICAN’s attorneys, led by Aaron Siri, provided this letter.  In short, ICAN has been advised that, upon asserting a medical exemption to wearing a mask, the business cannot ask for proof of the medical exemption.  If you want to complete a self-assessment to determine if you have a medical exemption to wearing a mask, here are self-assessment forms for residents in New YorkCalifornia, and Texas.  If you would like a self-assessment form for another state, please let us know! CONTACT ICAN (Note: ICWA has request a self-assessment letter for WA. We will post it here when available.)

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