ICAN vs CDC on Superior Natural Immunity

The Informed Consent Action Network has done it again–they’ve entered into dialogue with a federal agency, challenging them with indisputable evidence, and the federal agency has shown its incompetence, and worse. This time it was the CDC on natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2.

ICAN has vowed to take formal legal action against the CDC if it does not do the right thing and acknowledge the superiority of natural immunity and cease and desist restrictions and discrimination against the naturally immune.

“When the CDC chose to lift restrictions on the vaccinated, ICAN went to work.  Through its attorneys, it formally demanded that the CDC also (at the least) lift restrictions on the naturally immune.  It provided the CDC with over 60 studies reflecting that natural immunity is more durable and robust than vaccine immunity.  The CDC’s response is shameful.  It fails to address any of these studies, collectively involving millions of people, and instead cites a single irrelevant study of a few hundred people that does not even involve comparing vaccine versus natural immunity!”