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  • Be Brave Washington Exposes WHO Hypocrisy
  • Silent Majority Foundation Continues To Challenge Inslee’s Emergency Declaration
  • Washington Representative Introduces Government Censorship Bill

September 16 Episode of An Informed Life Radio Notes and Links

Guest: Dr. Michael Gaeta

Guest: Dr. Dana Flavin

Be Brave Washington Exposes WHO Hypocrisy

At an August 17, 2022  Be Brave Washington meeting at the New Life Fellowship in Lyndon, Misty Flowers informed the audience that, on September 17, 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) was going to celebrate World Patient Safety Day with “medication without harm” as their theme. In response, Be Brave Washington would hold a peaceful rally on that day at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Bellingham to  “Use their own words against them.” 

From there, Be Brave Washington went to work. 

First, Natalie Fedorowich-Chavez put out notices about the rally in their Monday newsletters. Ashley Wines then put out notices in her Former Feds Group for photos of those harmed by hospital protocols and medications to put on the protest signs. She received so many photos that she had to stop accepting them after a while because they only had so much material for making signs. On the Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday before the Saturday rally, the group began attaching the photos to the signs as part of the design process. On Thursday, they attached the handles to the signs. On social media, Ashley received numerous messages of gratitude from relatives who submitted the photos of deceased loved ones. 

At 1 p.m. on Saturday, September 17, about fifty protesters held up the signs at all four corners of the main intersection of the hospital campus on Ellis Street. 


A mother held up a sign of Phillip Carron, who was also Ashley’s fiancé. The following link on the COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project’s web site lists Phillip’s death as occurring at the St. Joseph Peace Health Hospital.  

Ashley Wines’s Story – The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation

Ashley’s story was covered in the July 19, 2022 issue of ICWA News and Views, and she told her story to Bernadette Pajer on An Informed Life Radio on August 19, 2022. 

Phillip was admitted to the hospital for COVID-19 on September 23, 2021. He had not received the COVID-19 shot. A nurse told Ashley that the unvaccinated get what they deserve. While Phillip was on the ventilator for fifteen days, he lost eighty-six pounds. After he refused to take the COVID-19 shot, he was put on morphine overnight. According to Ashley, this increases respiratory distress. It was one of over forty medications he was given. Three days later, Phillip was given a dose of remdesivir, and he went into complete liver failure. He died one day later on October 14, 2021. 

As time went on during the peaceful rally, an ambulance driver stopped to talk with them and was handed some information. A bus driver then stopped and asked for information. 

Toward the end of the rally around 4 p.m., two men wearing scrubs came out from the hospital and stood for a long time watching the protesters and reading the signs. When everyone was packing up, Phillip’s mother, Pam, approached the two young men, who were hospital employees. One of them said that he recognized Phillip’s photo, for they had attended high school together. That’s when Pam told him that she was Phillip’s mother. As it turned out, the employee already knew the story behind Phillip’s death from his own family, but he never had any contact with Pam about it. Natalie Fedorowich-Chavez  reflected on the moment as a heartfelt connection and the highlight of the day. Ashley, her mother, and her sister then joined the friendly chat. 

The COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project web site shows that the peaceful protest was about much more than just the death of Phillip Carron. The web site profiles over 220 cases of deaths and injuries from hospital protocols. 

Besides Phillip Carron’s case, two Washington cases are on the web site. 

Ashley Wines served as the video interviewer for the case of Cyndee Ellis. 

Cyndee’s Story – The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation

On January 2, 2022, Cyndee was admitted to the hospital after passing out in her bathroom. She had received the COVID-19 shot. 

While on a ventilator, she was administered a four-drug cocktail of Fentanyl, Precedex, Midazolam, and Propofol. Cyndee’s husband, Dr. David Ellis, who is a family physician, told them that because she had fatty liver disease, she should be taken off these drugs. The hospital staff told him that, under directions from the computer, they could not do  that. At Dr. Ellis’s request, they ended up reducing the dosage. On the twelfth or thirteenth day, her arms and legs began swelling up. Eventually, the drug combination cut off circulation to her feet, resulting in gangrene on the entirety of each foot. Cyndee was left in a state of paralysis for over sixty days post discharge to a rehab center. Her feet are slowly healing, but she is unable to bare weight or walk.

In the other Washington case, Stephanie Istvam was a 63-year-old woman who went to Cascade Valley Hospital to seek treatment for shortness of breath on November 26, 2021.

Julie – Murdered at Cascade Valley Hospital – The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation

Her web page indicates that she had taken the COVID-19 shot. Nevertheless, she tested positive for COVID-19 and was admitted to the hospital.  Julie, her daughter, demanded that she not be administered Remdesivir or be put on the ventilator.  From that moment, it became an uphill battle for Julie and her family to try and save Stephanie. Water and nutrition were denied, and sedatives were administered.  Stephanie was given morphine, which she was allergic to, numerous times.

“They blew out my mom’s lungs with ninety liters per minute of high flow oxygen, starved, dehydrated her and then put her on a respiratory depressant after I told them not to, and I was the POA,” her daughter, Julie, sad. 

After many confrontations with the hospital staff, the family requested a welfare check by the Arlington Police Department because of the lies and lack of communication by the doctors and nurses. 

Against the medical advice given, Julie contacted several government officials and the Frontline Doctors requesting assistance for critical care transport to move her mother from the hospital to her brother’s home for hospice care.  Her father was physically removed from his wife’s bedside. Stephanie passed away on the transport gurney in her son’s living room December 11, 2021.

Silent Majority Foundation Continues To Challenge Inslee’s Emergency Declaration

Even though Governor Jay Inslee announced on September 10 that all remaining COVID-19 emergency proclamations and the COVID-19 state of emergency would end by Monday, October 31, the Silent Majority Foundation (SMF) had its hearing in court this past Friday, September 16 concerning this emergency order.  

The hearing was about the State’s motion for a protective order that would keep the SMF from deposing Ms. Kathryn Leathers, General Counsel for Jay Inslee.

SMF had been working on discovery with the State and its provided information as it requested to depose Jay Inslee’s attorney, Kathryn Leathers, as she previously provided a declaration on how the governor made COVID emergency decisions. When the State filed their motion for protective order, they also filed a Motion for Judgement on the Pleadings that would entirely dismiss the case if the Judge agreed with the State.

SMF has drawn the following three conclusions from Friday’s protective order hearing: 

  1. The judge agreed with Pete Serrano’s statement that Leathers is not protected from being deposed because she had already provided a declaration sworn under the penalty of perjury.
  2.  The judge granted the State’s request to stay the deposition until October 7th, which is the date for the hearing on the State’s Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings. SMF believes that even though Governor Inslee has stated that the emergency will end on October 31st, he never met his statutory duty to “find” an emergency in all counties of Washington.
  3. When the Silent Majority Foundation is successful on challenging the State’s Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings on October 7, the judge has foreshadowed that the deposition will be allowable, and the only thing the State will be able to fight SMF on is the scope of the deposition.


In the video, Pete Serrano makes a key point about the emergency declaration when he mentioned that the judge said, “Ms. Leathers provided that declaration.”  

The Silent Majority Foundation will be holding a medical freedom fundraiser on Saturday, October 1 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. in which the proceeds will go to Make America Free Again (MAFA) and SMF to offset the legal costs of Scott Miller and other healthcare providers who have lost their jobs or their licenses. Attorney Pete Serrano with Silent Majority will be speaking. 

The fundraiser will be held at Phil’s Barn on 8314 Northeast 239th Street in Battle Ground. Participants will have a chance to vote on their favorite chili. There will be games to play and stories to tell. REGISTER. 

Washington Representative Introduces Government Censorship Bill

Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers from the Fifth Congressional District in Washington has co-sponsored HR 8752, which is the Protecting Speech from Government Interference Act. Representative James Comer (Kentucky) introduced the bill on August 30, 2022, and it has been referred to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform The other co-sponsors are Representatives Jim Jordan (Ohio) and August Kruger (Texas).  All four of these representatives are Republicans.

H.R.8752 – 117th Congress (2021-2022): Protecting Speech from Government Interference Act | Congress.gov | Library of Congress

The bill would create restrictions to prevent federal employees from asking or encouraging private entities to censor private speech or otherwise discourage free speech, and impose penalties, including civil fines and disciplinary actions for government employees who facilitate social media censorship.

Although the United States Constitution forbids government censoring and restricting free speech, advocates of the bill see HR. 8752 as a helpful enforcement tool. 

Cathy McMorris Rodgers has been serving in the House of Representatives since 2005. 

The bill comes amidst evidence that federal officials in the Biden administration held secret censorship meetings with social media companies to suppress Americans’ First Amendment rights to free speech, and to ban or de-platform those who share unauthorized views about COVID and vaccines.

The evidence for this comes out of a lawsuit2 brought by the New Civil Liberties Alliance and Attorney General Eric Schmitt of Missouri and Attorney General Jeff Landry of Louisiana, filed in May 2022.

The New Civil Liberties Alliance makes the following points: 

“… scores of federal officials … have secretly communicated with social-media platforms to censor and suppress private speech federal officials disfavor. This unlawful enterprise has been wildly successful.

Under the First Amendment, the federal government may not police private speech nor pick winners and losers in the marketplace of ideas. But that is precisely what the government has done — and is still doing — on a massive scale not previously divulged.

Multiple agencies’ communications demonstrate that the federal government has exerted tremendous pressure on social-media companies — pressure to which companies have repeatedly bowed …

Communications show these federal officials are fully aware that the pressure they exert is an effective and necessary way to induce social-media platforms to increase censorship. The head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency even griped about the need to overcome social-media companies’ ‘hesitation’ to work with the government …

This unlawful government interference violates the fundamental right of free speech for all Americans, whether or not they are on social media. More discovery is needed to uncover the full extent of this regime — i.e., the identities of other White House and agency officials involved and the nature and content of their communications with social-media companies.”

Jenin Younes, litigation counsel for the New Civil Liberties Alliance added:

“If there was ever any doubt the federal government was behind censorship of Americans who dared to dissent from official COVID messaging, that doubt has been erased. The shocking extent of the government’s involvement in silencing Americans, through coercing social-media companies, has now been revealed …”