Uncoerced informed consent or dissent to a medical procedure is a human right and an essential component of medical ethics in a civilized society.

Informed Choice WA is pro Informed Consent.

We are also pro Informed Dissent.


Informed Consent is only half of an individual’s option when faced with a medical decision — the other option is Informed Dissent. To dissent is to withhold consent or approval, to disagree with an opinion or a policy.

Informed Consent and Informed Dissent require — INFORMATION. ICWA aims to provide information and resources where more information can be found. Human immunity – both natural and artificial — are complex and fascinating subjects. Please explore our website. Use the search function (the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of every page) and search for key words, or browse our Site List to see what is here. And if you have any question, we can be reached through our Contact Page.

On July 19, 2018, the WA State Department of Health (DOH) Vaccine Advisory Committee (VAC) meeting included guest speaker Dr. Doug Opel.  He advised the Committee on the use of “nudging” and “presumptive language” to overcome “vaccine hesitancy” in order to increase vaccine uptake. The DOH intends to disseminate these methods to healthcare providers.

Informed Choice WA opposes any psychological manipulation methods that override informed consent and disrupt doctor-patient relationship.

Informed Choice WA Board members’ public comment during the July 19, 2018 VAC meeting:


Given that the main subject of the July 19th VAC meeting was tacit tactics of increasing vaccine uptake, Informed Choice WA submitted a written request to the VAC Chair Dr. Kathy Lofy that the Committee members declare any financial or other incentive, award, or reward they receive—for themselves personally or the offices or businesses with which they work—for maintaining or raising vaccination quotas in their line of work or professional associations, as this poses a potential conflict of interest with adopting Dr. Opel’s recommendations. The Chair declined to read our request to the Committee.



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