Medical Exemption for Natural Immunity Granted

“George Mason University [Virginia] granted a veteran law professor a medical exemption from its COVID-19 vaccine mandate after he filed a lawsuit demanding recognition of his natural immunity, according to his lawyers . . .” READ FULL ARTICLE

Have you read Jeremy R. Hammond’s Five Part (and growing) investigation into the science and politics of natural immunity to Sars-Cov-2? They are “must-read”! Share this with policy makers, friends and family, those in the medical field — everyone! Click the button below:


“Spectrum Health will grant temporary exemptions from its employee vaccine mandate to individuals who can prove they have naturally acquired immunity to COVID-19. The west Michigan hospital system, which is in the process of merging with Southfield-based Beaumont Health, will grant an exemption to those who have a positive PCR or antigen test for COVID-19 plus a positive antibody test from within the past three months, the health system said in a statement Thursday.The exemption, the first for a major health system in Michigan, was developed “as new research has emerged” on natural immunity. While we still recommend vaccination for people with prior COVID-19 infection, according to this new research, there is increasing evidence that natural infection affords protection from COVID-19 reinfection and severe symptoms for a period of time,” the statement said.” READ FULL ARTICLE

“..public health officials are grappling with the reality of an increasing number of fully-vaccinated Americans coming down with Covid-19 infections, getting hospitalized, and even dying of Covid. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) insists vaccination is still the best course for every eligible American. But many are asking if they have better immunity after they’re infected with the virus and recover, than if they’re vaccinated.Increasingly, the answer within the data appears to be ”yes.” READ FULL ARTICLE

“It’s the 800-pound gorilla in the pandemic. The debate over forced vaccination with an ever-waning vaccine is cresting right around the time when the debate should be moot for a lot of people. Among the most fraudulent messages of the CDC’s campaign of deceit is to force the vaccine on those with prior infection, who have a greater degree of protection against all versions of the virus than those with any of the vaccines. It’s time to set the record straight once and for all that natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2 is broader, more durable, and longer-lasting than any of the shots on the market today. Our policies must reflect that reality.” READ FULL ARTICLE

WA state Health policy and law does recognize natural immunity already — SO WHY are employers and the state not exempting all those with natural immunity from all Covid shot mandates? See the titer box on the Certificate of Immunization form for daycare and school requirements in WA.

The first WA state adult vaccine mandate was for the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella vaccine) for employees and volunteers at daycare centers, passed by the legislature in 2019, Engrossed Bill 1638. Thankfully, an exemption for natural immunity is available, Per Section 3 (b), for employees/volunteers to provide “Proof of immunity from measles through documentation of laboratory evidence of antibody titer or a health care provider’s attestation of the person’s history of measles sufficient to provide immunity against measles.”’See

Since evidence is mounting that those with natural immunity are at higher risk of vaccine adverse reactions, and a two-dose series in those with natural immunity appears to DECREASE immunity — aren’t mandates upon the naturally immune reckless endangerment?