New Journal: Science, Public Health Policy & the Law

IPAK Launches New Open Access Peer-Reviewed Journal

August 1, 2019 – Pittsburgh, PA

Press Release

IPAK, The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, via its Public Health Policy Initiative, today launched a new open access, peer-reviewed journal, “Science, Public Health Policy & the Law“. The first volume contains four articles on issues impacting  public health policy.  Specifically, the journal will publish articles evaluating the goodness-of-fit of public health policies, laws – and biomedical “best practices –  and law to available scientific knowledge.  The journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, CEO and Director of IPAK, says the journal fills a gap in the published literature by providing a forum in which objective, non-corporatist views may be published.

“It is our goal to publish brief, well-referenced articles that leverage one or two specifically important and factual points that corporate-owned journals may or may not be inclined to publish”, he said.

The first volume includes an article on suicide rates and all-cause death rates reported in the original data submitted by Merck to FDA for approval of the quadrivalent Gardasil vaccine, and article reviewing controversies and issues with the latest MMR vaccine autism link, an article on flaws in mental health policies and practices, and an article on whether the continued use of aging vaccines has become a threat to national security in the US.  According to Lyons-Weiler, “We are not limiting our scope to vaccines by any means, and intend to publish articles on the suitability the training of doctors and public health officials on specific key points that appear to be gravely at odds with available scientific knowledge”.  He says articles on any threat to public health that has resulted from a mismatch between policies, laws, traditions, and practices will be published, but he and the impressive Editorial Board welcome articles that show improvements in public health that result from changes in such practices.

IPAK is a pure public charity that conducts research without profit motive to reduce human pain and suffering through knowledge.