No Mandatory Anything

ICWA policy stance

ICWA does not support mandatory testing, mandatory treatment, or mandatory vaccination for anything. We believe healthy people must always be allowed to go about their lives with freedom. We believe individuals have the right to know their own health status so they can make informed decisions in their daily actions, and we understand the importance of accurate data on communicable infection in order to properly address situations like this. If the percentage of the population infected is not known, you can’t establish accurate fatality rates, for instance. And we’ve seen how CDC inflates flu deaths by reporting them combined with pneumonia deaths and reporting to the media massive “Influenza disease” numbers that include about 4,000 annual flu deaths and tens of thousands of pneumonia deaths from other causes.

The CDC and public health agencies have created a category called “COVID-19-like illness” and are telling doctors to record C-19 as the cause of death even if the individual did not die FROM C-19 but merely tested positive at the time of death. This does not serve public or individual health and will not lead to sensible public health policies.

We need accurate data for C-19.

We support voluntary testing to get data, find solutions, and get people back to work, but not a requirement to ever prove immunity or vaccination. Existing health regulations require symptomatic people stay home. Having an extended asymptomatic period is troublesome because responsible individuals don’t know they may be spreading infection. But this happens with every single person vaccinated with an acellular pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine, and public health authorities have refused to educate the public about that. Yet they are willing to devastate the economy because of the asymptomatic period of COVID-19. We are seeing much inconsistency in the handling of this novel infection.

To prevent the asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19, whooping cough, measles, flu, or any circulating infection to those susceptible to severe disease, extra precautions can be taken by caregivers and those who are often in close proximity no matter what their vaccination status. The science shows us that vaccinated individuals can and do become part of transmission chains.

ICWA supports healthy immunity lifestyles and healing protocols that create healthy societies and individual natural resistance and recovery.