John Stockton

Jan. 28, 2023 Pandemic Response Harms Listening Session

by Truth and Accountability Project Washington (TAPWA)

Nearly 500 people from Washington, Oregon and Idaho gathered at the Wenatchee Convention Center in Washington State on Saturday, January 28, 2023 to hear and share stories of how the unprecedented response to the COVID-19 pandemic impacted their lives. Stories included injuries and deaths from COVID shots and hospital protocols; careers upended and families torn apart by mandates; and numerous harms from closures of schools, businesses and churches.

  Breaking: After the event, 24 attendees took advantage of non-invasive, FDA-approved heart screening. Results revealed an alarming fifty percent (50%) rate of subclinical, or previously undiagnosed, myocarditis. Included in the twelve displaying myocarditis were two active-duty military pilots. All were encouraged to follow up on their results.

TAPWA and ICWA want you to know:

You are valued.  You are seen. 

Sharing your story will help the healing process.

Now we need to demand accountability.

  Highlight Version [27 minutes]:


Full Version [4 hours 31 minutes]:

Time Stamps for Some Speakers in Full Event Video

  • Keynote: John Stockton, NBA Hall-of-Famer. [@1:18:10]
  • Healthcare providers speaking about harms:
    • Dr. Richard Amerling MD [0:28:15]
    • Kristen Jerezano, RN [1:03:10]
    • Brian McInnes, MD, triathlete [1:11:25]
  • Attorney Todd Callender, Disabled Rights Advocate [2:35:00]
  • Karl Lambert, ARNP [2:48:50]

(Music video permission granted by 5 Times August;   Photography by Tresa)

Key Event Links:
  • Voices for Medical Freedom – John Stockton’s website with podcasts on Apple, Rumble and Spotify.
  • The Wellness Company – private membership association run by Richard Amerling, Peter McCullough, Paul Alexander.
  • Disabled Rights Advocates – Civil Rights, Employment Law, COVID-19 Mandates, Military Law
  • 5 Small Stones – Resource site with templates and sample documents to help The People utilize our legal system, Pro Se.
  • Heart Care Corp – Highly accurate, non-invasive cardiac diagnostic testing.
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