Dr. Moon shows blank COVID vaccine insert to Sen. Ron Johnson Roundtable

Pediatrician’s Contract Terminated by WSU after Reporting to Senate Roundtable on COVID Shot Harms

WSU ends six-year employment of Dr. Reni Moon, a board-certified Pediatrician, for providing testimony at a U.S. Senate fact-finding roundtable.

(Updated 6Aug23: added copy of actual WSU termination letter and personal affidavit filed in Benton County Superior Court).

Coverage by The Highwire

After teaching at Washington State University (WSU) since 2017, Dr. Renata Moon was terminated in June of this year after voicing concerns about the dangers of the Covid-19 mRNA shots for children. Dr. Moon was invited to a U.S. Senate fact-finding subcommittee in December of 2022 to provide testimony on what she was seeing in patients. The decision not to renew her annual contract, as revealed in recent court documents, was made despite her unblemished 25-year career as a board-certified Pediatrician.

Court documents filed in Benton County Superior Court by the Silent Majority Foundation (SMF) on July 12th (the Complaint) and on July 13th (plaintiff Declarations) reveal that WSU threatened to report Dr. Renata Moon to the Washington Medical Commission (WMC) because of testimony requested by the Senate subcommittee roundtable headed by Sen. Ron Johnson (WI-R), and even though her comments to the subcommittee were delivered as a private individual on her own time. WSU sent a letter on June 29th of this year announcing their decision not to renew her employment as an Associate Clinical Professor. The complaint is posted on the SMF blog.

Dr. Moon has board certification in Pediatrics and Pediatric Hospital Medicine from the American Board of Pediatrics, is licensed in many states, and has practiced as a pediatrician for over twenty-five years. Her Declaration states “I have never had any action(s) against any state medical license. I have never been named as a defendant in any medical malpractice lawsuit.”

Dr. Moon’s personal Declaration includes WSU’s threatening memorandum as Exhibit 3, which directly references her participation at Senator Johnson’s roundtable discussion on December 7, 2022, and lists areas of concern.

WSU threatening Memo to Dr. Moon Page 1
WSU Memo to Dr. Moon Page 1
WSU threatening Memo to Dr. Moon Page 2
WSU Memo to Dr. Moon Page 2

We asked Dr. Moon to respond to these concerns, starting with the possibility of an unexcused absence or of appearing to represent an employer.

“I took appropriate and approved personal leave from my work at WSU to travel to Washington DC. Substitute faculty covered my two afternoon classes during my personal leave. I spoke at the Senator Johnson event as a concerned pediatrician and citizen. I did not speak on behalf of any employer or other entity.” 

Her claim that she wasn’t speaking as an employee of WSU or any other organization is verified in the press release issued before the roundtable.

As part of their concern on Physician Professionalism, the memo from WSU states, in part:

“…The WMC has asked the public and practitioners to report possible spread of misinformation. There are components in your presentation that could be determined as a possible spread, as such we are ethically obligated to make a report to the WMC to investigate possible breach of this expectation.”  

By stating that it was their ethical obligation, it seems certain that WSU did, in fact, send a report to the WMC. Dr. Moon could easily take this to mean that her Washington State medical license would soon come under review.

Dr. Moon’s employment status with WSU is raised in the last concern of the memo delivered to her: “There were components with the roundtable that were inconsistent with expectations of the evidence based medical education expected in developing a future generation of physicians. The expressed views will require us to review your teaching assignments in the frame of the education of our students.” 

Confirming the connection between the WSU memo and Dr. Moon’s employment status, her annual contract was terminated, as summarized in the main Complaint:

“On June 29, 2023, I received notice from Washington State University’s Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine that my employment contract as a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine would not be renewed for the 2023-2024 academic year. My employment was terminated by Washington State University.”

Dr. Moon was terminated via an Expiration of Faculty Appointment letter from the Interim Dean, James Record and the Education Department Chair, Jeff Haney because “the needs of the college are moving in a different direction.”

Dr. Moon let go from WSU Med School after helping found school and teaching there since 2017

The termination letter says nothing about Dr. Moon’s past involvement with WSU’s medical school. She has worked or volunteered for the WSU Floyd College of Medicine since 2015, starting with contributions to the accreditation effort before the school even launched. For three years, she volunteered on both the Admissions Committee and the Diversity-Equity Committee. She was the founding faculty sponsor for the school’s Pediatric Interest Group, while she taught at the school as an Associate Clinical Professor. Dr. Moon appeared to be a significant contributor to the founding of the school itself, making her termination far from routine.

The legal Complaint also illustrates Dr. Moon’s views on the current state of institutions of higher learning in the United States:

“This censorship has compromised my ability to effectively teach the next generation of physicians. Professors teaching in the world of medical education have a duty to teach medical students about ethical principles and this includes helping patients weigh the risks and benefits of potential medical interventions. Censorship and threats have forced many physicians and medical students into a rigid box of “authorized thinking.”

During Senator Johnson’s Roundtable Discussion in December of 2022, Dr. Moon used the package insert that comes with the COVID-19 shots to express dismay:

“It says ‘left intentionally blank’ on it. So how am I to get informed consent to parents when I have … This is what I have: a government that is telling me that I have to say ‘safe and effective,’ and if I don’t, my license is at threat. And so how am I going to give informed consent to patients?  We’re seeing an uptick in myocarditis. We’re seeing an uptick in adverse reactions. We have trusted these regulatory agencies. I have for my entire career until now. Something is extremely wrong.”  

Dr. Renate Moon shows black COVID-19 vaccine package insert to Ron Johnson roundtable
“It’s blank,” says Dr. Renata Moon about the COVID-19 shot package insert as she shows it to Senator Ron Johnson and the other panel members at a December 7, 2022 hearing.

In her personal Declaration supporting the lawsuit, Dr. Moon explains concerns beyond just her Washington Medical license, and that protected speech rights are at issue:

“It was clear that the Washington Medical Commission would also investigate my oral and written statements and try to revoke my medical license because I share the same concerns about the dangers of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines for children. It is my professional duty as a pediatric physician to honor my Hippocratic Oath to “Do No Harm” and to speak out about the dangers of the new and experimental genetic COVID-19 mRNA shots. My US Constitutional First Amendment right to free speech has been threatened by the actions of the Washington Medical Commission.”

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As a result of speaking the truth about what she’s witnessed, Dr. Moon has allowed her Washington state medical license to expire and is practicing elsewhere. She said she is concerned about licenses in other states, but will continue to speak out because the issue is so important.

Dr. Moon’s experiences with WSU and the WMC are not the only discriminatory actions against her. She suffered additional hardship, losing a job in December 2021 after refusing to share her personal COVID-19 vaccination history with her clinic employer. This was revealed in a July 17, 2023 story from Alpha News.

Pediatrician on vax, censorship: ‘We’re all being silenced for daring to question the data’ – Alpha News

At the recent Informed Choice Washington (ICWA) event “COVID Betrayal: A Path Forward” in Spokane on May 20, 2023, Dr. Moon shared a memo from the Federation of State Medical Boards that labeled criticism of COVID-19 vaccines as misinformation and that encouraged revocation of licenses.

FSMB Misinformation statement threatens doctor licenses 2021

“Putting in this idea that we’re not supposed to question anything. And how ridiculous is that? Science is built on a foundation of questioning, and we just rolled out a brand new vaccine platform with unknown long term consequences to it. So how crazy is this, but they wanted to silence us.”

Reminding the Spokane audience that the pressure to silence doctors is not just about her situation, Dr. Moon also showed an email to a physician outside of Washington that said to refrain from any contradictory comments of the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

Dr. Moon on Adverse Events from COVID-19 Shots

At the COVID Betrayal Event in Spokane, Dr. Moon discussed the adverse events following the COVID-19 shots that she had mentioned at the Senator Johnson Roundtable discussion:

“This idea that we have to say safe and effective with a product that is brand new and clearly has significant problems for some people who take it and even fatalities, and we’re supposed to be saying safe and effective? We have a CDC web site that shows myocarditis as a problem after taking the COVID-19 shots.”

Dr. Moon used a slide from Open VAERS to illustrate her point. An updated look at MedAlerts shows as of July 14, 2023, that there are 17,053 cases of myocarditis reported to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reaction System (VAERS) following the COVID-19 shot with 412 of those cases resulting in death.

In Washington, VAERS shows 132 cases of myocarditis following the COVID-19 shots:

Washington VAERS data show many cases of myocarditis after COVID injection
VAERS data for Washington also shows that two cases of myocarditis resulted in death.
Watch Dr. Moon’s presentation at the COVID Betrayal event: Dr. Reni Moon – Persecuted After Testimony At Senate Subcommittee (rumble.com)

In the recent Alpha News article, Dr. Moon said the following about adverse events from COVID-19 shots:

“We all know somebody who’s had what appears to be an adverse reaction to the shot. A friend shared that her son, who was in his twenties, developed myocarditis just five days after he got the shot. As a trained professional, I can tell you, we never used to see myocarditis, it was extremely rare. Now I hear about it from family and friends … it’s happening enough that there’s clearly a massive increase in this.”

Dr. Moon said that she had watched every one of the FDA hearings to authorize COVID-19 shots for children. “I was yelling at my computer … saying ‘you don’t have the data.’” Further adding, “I’d like to say for the record that I never ordered the shot for a child. The data was clear from the outset that this should have been pulled.”  

Dr. Moon On Threats to Free Speech


The actions by medical groups and employers to silence speech strikes a very sensitive nerve in Dr. Moon, given her family background. She has often referenced her parents’ search for freedom when they escaped their communist homeland and legally immigrated to the United States.

When interviewed for this article, Dr. Moon provided further background on her family’s experiences while still living under communist rule:

“My mother, when she was in her 20’s and still living under communism, listened in horror as they came for one of her professors in an adjacent room. He was purged from her college for teaching students about a topic that didn’t fit the one narrative party line. Under communism, there was no free speech with academic debate and discussion. The professor had been speaking the truth about the principles of genetics. My mom never saw or heard from him again.”

At the Covid Betrayal Event in Spokane, Dr. Moon summed up the grave concerns she has about the erosion of free speech in the United States:

“My parents represent the millions who came to America for Freedom, and they came because their homelands had become a living hell. You just don’t leave for other reasons. When the communist government took over, they asked my grandfather, who was a well-known author and radio personality, to write propaganda for them, and he refused. They pulled his books from the market and demoted him.”

“We are right now in the early stages of communism. We still have the chance to turn this around, and we have to turn this around for our children and our grandchildren.”

(Ref: Dr. Moon’s testimony at the Dec. 7th 2022 Roundtable starting at 2:22:27)