Public Health Promises Proved FALSE

Are you a subscriber to Jeff Childers’ Coffee & Covid on Substack? If not, you missed a great post today that included promises made by public health authorities about the COVID shots that turned out to be false.

It is disturbing and unacceptable that public health entities have been allowed to make statements to the public, to market those statements as fact, even to support censorship of opposing views on social media, when they had no science or data to back them up.

Aren’t we supposed to call statements with no basis in reality Fake News? Misinformation? Disinformation?

And when government entities are the purveyors of such false information, using their massive outreach capabilities into all aspects of society, isn’t the potential for harm at its maximum?

And when the White House continues to behave as if ivermectin and nutrient protocols don’t work, as if a virus that 99.9+% of the population recovers from is a threat, as if the shots have not been proven unsafe and ineffective, what must we make of their continued fear campaigns and plotting with global powers “getting shots into arms”?

Is it any wonder trust in public health has plummeted?

Here is a glimpse of the promises made that have now proven false that make the White House and public health actions so concerning.  .  . visit Jeff Childers’ Coffee & Covid on Substack to read the full post.

1. We were assured the jabs would shut down infections and achieve herd immunity. “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,” Joe Biden famously promised the nation.

Fact check: False. The jabs never provided sterilizing immunity, and now the best data shows negative efficacy, meaning that triple-vaccinated folks appear MORE likely to be infected. You don’t need a link for this one, but if you want a reference, just look to the UK’s March report, which includes a nice table summarizing the current state of affairs. [See this blog post for brief overview of the UK data and see this post for more analysis on negative efficacy seen at the end of 2021]

2. They promised us that the safe and effective mRNA would stay put, captured in the shoulder muscle where it was injected. “It’s safe because it doesn’t travel around the body. All the stimulus your body needs to make antibodies happens right in the shoulder.”

Fact check: False. Studies in animals and more recently in human autopsies have shown mRNA can migrate all over the body. What’s the long-term effect of this? Who knows. It wasn’t studied, Pfizer told everyone the novel therapeutic could not escape the injection site. Worse, FOIA documents obtained in Japan showed that Pfizer DID do preliminary biodistribution studies; at the time they were telling us it didn’t, they knew perfectly well that mRNA did travel.

Even worse, it has now become clear that LOTS of jabs are being administered by incompetent staff who fail to “aspirate” the needle before injecting to make sure they aren’t accidentally shooting mRNA directly into a vein. Mainlined mRNA travels throughout the body even faster, maybe in minutes or hours, and could be the reason why some folks experience sudden and serious adverse events after getting the shots.

3. We were ASSURED that mRNA decayed quickly, within hours. “It’s safe because it is an unstable molecule, and disappears quickly after it’s done its job.”

Fact check: Super false. Studies are finding mRNA in the body up to TWO MONTHS post-injection . . . KEEP READING