Informed Choice WA (ICWA) is pleased to be partnering with Stand for Health Freedom (SFH) in taking action to make schools safe once more for our children. ICWA has become the official SFH Advocacy group for WA.

This page is intended to provide guidance on how parents can unite to educate their own school boards and work for common sense, healthy school policies in the coming 2021-2022 school year.


KEY UNDERSTANDING: When following these guidelines, parents will be asking their school districts and boards to go against unscientific and harmful state requirements and CDC guidelines. This is unprecedented, and it will require much education for the school board members to understand that their choice is to continue to harm children by following state requirements or to Put Kids First by standing with us to protect children. We must communicate that we will proudly stand with them if the state takes action against them — and the state has threatened.

Parents in the Tri-Cities actively working to educate and advocate for a mask-choice school year were told funding would be cut off. The Seattle Times reports that “state Superintendent Chris Reykdal has stated that ‘boards or districts that intentionally disobey, dismiss or shun an explicit law, including a Governor’s executive order, which has the power of law, will see an immediate halt to their basic education apportionment and their federal funds that come through (the state superintendent’s office),” according to a message to Richland parents.” Parents in the state have also heard from districts that their school will lose insurance coverage Washington Schools Risk Management Pool (WSRMP) if they don’t comply with the state orders. That loss of state funding equals more than $100 million for the districts and is more than 60 percent of their budgets.

But is that true? Can the state legally withhold funding? Does the WSRMP even provide liability coverage for infections caught at school? They never have in the past. Some elected officials are saying the bullying by the state is just that — bullying intended to drive compliance with restrictions and requirements that are not based on science or necesessity–with no real ability to carry out the threats. Is that true? Many are working on finding out.

One such group has started a new website to keep us informed of their progress navigating the politics of unmasking our kids. Check them out and get on their email list: https://www.unmaskourkidswa.com

Willful Misconduct Definition: intentionally failing to do that which should be done, knowing that injury to a person will probably result or recklessly disregarding the possibility that injury to a person may result.

The information you will be providing to your school boards will clearly show that masking policies and coercion to vaccinate put children’s health and lives at risk. Any perceived benefit of masking and vaccination are outweighed by known risks. The information will also show that the risk of death due to COVID-19 in children is one in 20 million. There is no pandemic for children and there never has been. They are not a high risk of poor outcomes to COVID-19 infection, and they are not major sources of transmission to adults. Most importantly, children should never be used as human shields for adults.

All of the testing, distancing, masking, and potential vaccination requirements are all risk to children with no benefit.

If after being fully informed of the science and data school boards insist on following state requirements, they will be guilty of Willful Misconduct and violating their sworn duty to the children.

AT THE VERY LEAST, as work proceeds to end all mask requirements, school boards should ensure their policies include and promote the use of medical exemptions so that any child unable to wear a mask either from pre-existing conditions or because of issues that arise from mask-wearing (headaches, anxiety, depression, developmental delay, cognitive difficulties, social development delay, etc) can be freed from the mask, no questions asked.


Per the Mask Order, those who are exempt include: “People with a medical condition, mental health condition, developmental or cognitive condition, or disability that prevents wearing a face covering. This includes, but is not limited to, people with a medical condition for whom wearing a face covering could obstruct breathing or who are unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove a face covering without assistance.”

Parents and School Boards have the Legal and Constitutional Right to challenge unlawful and unscientific state requirements that put their children in harm’s way. Please see this WA STATE Legal Support References, compiled by the Constitutional Law Group.

ACTION PLAN (work in progress; this will evolve and be updated as we learn and as successful campaigns happen)

  1. Unite with other parents in your school district and set an in-person or virtual initial meeting to discuss the plan and make it your own, altering to suit your needs.
  2. Get everyone in your group to visit the Put Kids First page at Stand For Health Freedom and follow the two steps (Step 1 Sends a message to Governor Inslee and the State School Superintendent. Step 2 provides a PowerPoint Presentation and Materials to present to your school board)
  3. Review the Put Kids First materials and the additional educational materials from ICWA (to come) and Children’s Health Defense Materials and discuss how and when you will present to your school board. This can be in stages and include:
    1. Email Educational Materials to School Board Members
    2. Attend a Board Meeting and Give Public Comment
    3. Get coffee meetings with individual board members to have real conversation
    4. Ask for a meeting for a REAL with full board for a round table discussion
  4. Depending on the results of these interactions, you will either:
    1. Begin working with your school board to stand together to tell the state ENOUGH. We are done with masks and distancing and harming our kids.
    2. Work with your board members to create policies that Put Kids First and Do No Harm. You will need to work to find solutions to end the unscientific and harmful state level orders and/or find solutions to respond to any push back or legal action from the state. There is much to learn — and our children are depending on us.
    3. Prepare alternative education for your children in the coming year, and work together to help find solutions for parents who need extra support.
    4. Even if you arrange alternative education for your children, continue to protest and seek all legal and constitutional avenues to ending masks and other restrictions. Your goal is to help secure a safe environment now and moving forward for all children. Masking-distancing-testing-discriminating-fear cannot become the new normal. Healthy Immunity requires joy, laughter, hugging, interaction, swapping microbes, proper nutrition, occasional treatments.