Speaking Truth to the BOH

On August 14, 2019, Informed Choice WA board members Bernadette Pajer and Jaclyn Gallion addressed incidents of lies and omissions by the CDC and state and county health officials regarding immunization. Parent Karl Kanthak addressed the lies, omissions, and misinformation by state and county officials during the 2019 legislative session that led to the removal of the personal exemption to Merck’s flawed and fraudulent MMR. And parent Bob Runnells presented the history and current status of polio and the polio vaccine in the United States and requested the Board consider removing it from day care and school requirements.


(The below text is from the written comments prepared for oral testimony and may not match verbatim.)

Bernadette Pajer

The State of WA spends hundreds of millions of dollars every single year purchasing, tracking, and promoting vaccines, and disseminating coercive techniques to parents they call “hesitant” and who we call “educated and doing their due diligence.”

The U.S. does not need to spend $105 million dollars to study vaccine hesitancy, just ask me, I’ll tell you for free. Do you have a couple hours? I have a lot to say. Public Health needs to stop studying those of us who are labelled hesitant and start engaging in real dialogue with us.

Vaccines are NOT properly safety tested.

This quote is from the CDCs Parents’ Guide to Childhood Immunizations FAQ page:

Q: How do we know vaccines aren’t causing long-term health problems?

A: Observing vaccinated children for many years to look for long-term health conditions would not be practical, and withholding an effective vaccine from children while long-term studies are being done wouldn’t be ethical . . .

Not practical? Not ethical? No vaccine currently given to children has ever been through a gold-standard double-blind placebo test, and no vaccine given to control groups in clinical trials has been through such studies either.

Vaccines are designed to trigger an immune reaction and they are administered at critical stages of immune and brain development. Yet we have NO basis of safety.

On that same page, CDC says:

We also know there is not a plausible biologic reason to believe vaccines would cause any serious long-term effects.

“How is it legal for the CDC to lie?”

How is it legal for the CDC to lie? The Federal Vaccine Injury Table, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, and the 1986 ACT shielding vaccine makers and all who inject vaccines from liability were not established because vaccines are harmless.

Every single vaccine administered has the potential to cause serious long-term harm or death. They are classified by US Law as “unavoidably unsafe.”

On the same CDC page, they address the question about toxic vaccine ingredients by saying:

“at a very low dose, even a highly toxic substance can be safe. For example, many adults have one of the most toxic substances known to humanity, Botox, injected into their face to reduce wrinkles.”

Seriously? Allergan, the maker of the multibillion dollar product Botox, is facing thousands of lawsuits because it has always known the toxin can spread from the injection site and cause catastrophic injuries. They plead guilty to federal charges for misleading marketing. That’s the CDC’s explanation about the injection of toxic substances? Or are they using Allergan as their role model?

To excuse theMercury: in vaccines, they say “Babies are exposed to mercury in milk, including breast milk. Seafood also contains mercury” – as if being poisoned by milk and fish excuses being poisoned by a vaccine.

To excuse Aluminum: they say “The average person takes in an estimated 30 to 50 mg of aluminum every day, mainly from foods, drinking water, and medicines”  but they fail to say that all aluminum is neurotoxic, and only .3% of ingested aluminum is absorbed while 100% of injected aluminum is absorbed and can be picked up by white blood cells and carried into the brain. And it accumulates.

To parents concerns that too many vaccines overwhelm a child’s immune system, they say:

“From the day a baby is born, her immune system has to deal with the thousands of germs she is exposed to as part of daily life. As one doctor put it, “Worrying about too many vaccines is like worrying about a thimble of water getting you wet when you are swimming in an ocean.”

That is one of the most alarming lies told. Infant immune systems are bombarded with microbes, yes, but not disease-causing pathogens. Infant immune systems are DESIGNED to populate with microbes which are an essential part of the human immune system. They are designed to not react strongly to microbes so this can happen, and they are designed—by God–to be protected passively for the first year of life by their mothers, whose breast milk contains antibodies and many other protective factors. When you force an infant’s immune system to react strongly to microbes BEFORE microbiome population happens, you get chronic health issues, autoimmune disorders, and more. Did the CDC study the long term health impacts of vaccination in early infancy? No – they said it would not be practical.

Finally, on that page, the CDC says immunity following vaccination the same as it would following “natural” infection with a disease. Another lie.

The immune reaction to the injection of genetically modified, lab-altered antigens, neurotoxic aluminum, fetal DNA fragments, and a host of other ingredients is NOT the same as experiencing wild infection. The antibodies produced are different, the length of protection is different, how the immune system is trained to fight future infections is different, and the potential harm is different.

The American public is not stupid. Parents are not stupid. We are sick and tired of being lied to, being coerced, being sold to pharmaceutical companies as guinea pigs.

Harm on a massive scale doesn’t take a conspiracy of millions – it only takes the complacency of millions.

It takes the medical establishment and public health agencies across the country shrugging their shoulders and pointing to the CDC and saying, “we just do what they say.”

Informed Choice WA is asking you, the ten member board given the authority and responsibility to decide what vaccines are required for daycare and school to stop being complacent, stop pointing to the CDC, to start thinking critically about the products you require. Start protecting the people of WA State.


Jaclyn Gallion

The CDC is not the only one lying about vaccines and their targeted infections.

The several thousand members of Informed Choice WA want it on public record that this past legislative session, our human right to exempt our children from Merck’s flawed and fraudulent Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine for personal and philosophical reasons was stripped from us because the State Department of Health and the Clark County Health Department withheld full facts about Merck’s product, vaccination rates, and about the measles cases in Clark County.

State and County health officials (including Secretary John Weismann) fanned fear instead of fact, testifying they supported the removal of the personal exemption to the MMR. In their testimony, they

Repeatedly stated that the general community was at risk of infection when all along they knew the cases were isolated in large family groups that belonged to a small cultural community whose members prefer natural immunity to Merck’s controversial product and who stayed respectfully isolated.

They continued to fan fear to the general community even when 28 cases after February 1 were caught in quarantine, verifying the isolated nature of the in-break. Did you ever hear that in the news? No. The media were not told.

Before House and Senate Committees here in WA, and before a Senate committee in D.C., and in the offices here in Olympia, fear was fanned, money solicited for programs, and the actual capabilities, limitations, and risks of Merck’s MMR and the unintended consequences of mass vaccination policies ignored.

That’s not science, that’s not scientific integrity in vaccine policymaking.

Not once did anyone from public health tell legislators or the public that Merck has been dragging its heels in federal fraud court for 10 years over the MMR, that a CDC Whistleblower brought forward 10,000 documents revealing fraud in an MMR safety study, that the product is pushing mumps and measles out of childhood when its safest to experience and into adulthood.

The measles vaccine does not protect for a lifetime the way wild exposure does. Between primary and secondary failure, we are approaching an era of more fully-vaccinated people being susceptible to measles than were susceptible prior to the introduction of the measles vaccine in the 1960’s.

This was predicted in 1984. We are looking at public health problems with measles in our future, but it’s not because of those who choose natural infection, lifetime immunity, and respectfully stay home while infectious.

CDC Whistleblowers, Johns Hopkins doctors, even the former head of the CDC admit that the vaccine can cause brain injuries that lead to lifelong chronic issues, including autism in some children. Numerous independent researchers have revealed biological mechanisms of injury.

We expect the pharmaceutical industry to lie and to put profit before human rights – their criminal history is undeniable. But we should not have to expect lies of fact and lies of omission from public health agencies or public health employees who should be providing full, factual information on communicable infections, vaccine products, and alternatives to their use to protect individual and public health.

What happened in Clark County with measles is not unique, but standard operating procedure. We saw it in Spokane with the Marshaleese Mumps, we saw it in California, and New York, and Maine, with lies told and rights stripped.

The ten of you on the Board of Health are given the authority, and responsibility, to choose which vaccines to require for school, and to write rules to put law into action. We, the members of Informed Choice WA, are asking you to show ethical and transparent leadership, and to do what you can what you can within your authority, to ensure this sort of behavior does not continue. The Department of Health and its employees are not parents to our children and you’re not parents to us adults.

And as a reminder, I am still waiting for the promised meeting regarding school exclusions, children’s education and the life lost or lives placed in danger due to this evidence free practice.

Karl Kanthak

(text to come)

Bob Runnells                          

Washington’s schedule for childhood vaccines includes a relic from the last century. I ask that the Board begin efforts to remove the polio vaccine from the mandated school entry schedule. This would remove four shots from the list, where each shot carries risk.

Polio virus is one of many entero or gut virus, where over 90% of those infected will have no symptoms, or non-specific symptoms, like a sudden fever or gastrointestinal discomfort that resolves itself.

Polio virus is transmitted by fecal-oral contamination, meaning you must ingest the contaminated feces of an infected person to contract polio.

The countries where polio is still a concern struggle with basic sanitation.

Historically in the US Polio transmission was through poor sanitation, substandard water sources, hand hygiene, farm ponds and streams, and inadequate swimming pool maintenance.

Today the average American defecates into water with enough chlorine to kill a goldfish.

Paralytic polio case rates had already dropped by around 50% in the US and England by the time the vaccine was introduced in 1955. Additionally, at the time the vaccine was introduced, the country was switching away from lead and arsenic-containing pesticides on crops, as well as changing the definition of paralytic polio as caused by other conditions, showing that the polio vaccine was not targeted at such a common viral infection after all.

1st world nations switched to an inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) because parents were contracting vaccine associated paralytic polio (VAPP) when changing diapers of infants who were recently vaccinated with the oral vaccine. 95% of cases from 1980-1999 were VAPP. Still, IPV does not prevent Polio colonization and excretion.

According to the CDC Pink Book 72% of Polio infections are asymptomatic, 24% are minor & nonspecific. 1-5% fully recover from non-paralytic aseptic meningitis. Less than 1% of infections lead to paralytic polio, and most recover completely.

The only 3 cases of paralytic polio in the US since 2000 were importations of the vaccine strain, and no mortality. In WA there have been 5 cases of Polio with no mortalities, all vaccine associated, since 1985. In the countries where polio is still present, vaccine strain is the predominant cause. Basically, the vaccine is possibly the main cause of the last cases on the planet.

Whether the reduction in polio cases is actually from the vaccine, from improved sanitation practices, or from reduced toxins in our food, wouldn’t it be prudent to explore withdrawal from the four shots that, according to the maker, have been linked temporally to long-term injuries and deaths?

This Board’s imperative is to strive for a healthier state, even at the risk of frightening parents. There must be a way to safely withdraw from its use. We can’t take these shots forever.

Unless otherwise noted, all statistics and general info is from: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/polio.html

Additional links:

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