Stand with Dr. Paul Thomas!

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What happens when you get a peer-reviewed paper published that shows the fewer vaccines a child receives, the healthier the child?

The Oregon Medical Board suspends your license.

This has just happened to the beloved Paul Thomas, MD, whose thousands of patients and their parents count on him to provided personalized medicine and fully informed consent.

The paper analyzes data from the subset of his patients who were born into his practice and so were under his care completely for a span of ten years. Under his individualized and informed consent approach, some of the children recieved no vaccines, some recieved a few, and some recieved many. The data clearly shows that those who received no or few vaccines experienced fewer chronic health issues than those who recieved more. Read the full study HERE.

Dr. Paul commented that the study revealed his “Vaccine Friendly Plan” is not yet friendly enough. As a medical doctor, he takes “First Do No Harm” very seriously.

An ethical medical board would have thanked Dr. Paul for his dedication and his study and begun an investigation into why HHS (U.S. Health and Human Services) has failed in its duty under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act to improve vaccine safety and ensure the safety of recieving the full vaccine schedule.

Instead, the Oregon Medical Board decided to attempt to silence the messenger.

The Board did not say their action was because of the study. Instead, they have created a malicious list of alleged complaints that in no way reflects the sort of care Dr. Paul provides, and that in fact shows their ignorance of vaccine products, what they are capable of, what they are not capable of, and what it means to personalize the administration of a pharmaceutical product so as to minimize risk of harm.

The Oregon Medical Board members are actually the ones violating medical ethics by attempting to push doctors to treat all children the same, regardless of individual health and genetic needs, regardless of the lawful health choices of parents, and regardless of the full body of science on vaccine products and their ingredients. It’s as if they want to preserve the vaccine program rather than preserve the health of children. It is shameful.

Millions around the world who are familiar with Dr. Paul, and who know the science of vaccine products better than most doctors (and certainly better than anyone on the Oregon Medical Board) need no explanation to stand with him, but for those new to Dr. Paul, please know that point-by-point rebuttals to the Board’s reasons are coming soon. You can read the license suspension order HERE.

What’s at stake here is not just Dr. Paul’s vitally important practice and his patients, which include addiction patients who are now without his expert and compassionate care during one of the most stressful times in U.S. history. What’s at stake is every doctor’s and every patient’s human right to choose personalized medical care and be afforded fully informed medical consent.

Please contact the Oregon Medical Board and all Oregon Legislators today with this easy OneClick campaign. We’ve left the email content section blank so that you can write a personal message of support for Dr. Paul. Form letters can get ignored, but personal messages are read and have weight!

Be sure to include that you are writing about: The Oregon Medical Board’s unethical suspension of Dr. Paul Thomas’s medical license.

And if you can, please help support Dr. Paul and preserve medical freedom with a donation to the Freedom to Choose Fund today!