Children's Health Defense Vax-unVax RV tours the US to gather interviews of vaccine injury

The Vax-Unvax RV in Olympia April 16

Lunchtime with Legislators and Dr. Paul Thomas

12-2 PM. Pack a lunch and meet with legislators and special guest Dr Paul Thomas.

If you can’t make it to the main event in Seattle on Wednesday April 17, bring your lunch to the Capitol to see the unique Children’s Health Defense VAX-unVAX RV.

Talk with legislators Jim Walsh and Phil Fortunato, champions of many health freedom bills ICWA has either written or supported.

Hear from Dr. Paul Thomas, MD along with DeeDee Hoover LMT,CCT,PMT.  In his post-cancellation endeavor, he has teamed with DeeDee Hoover to help kids get and stay healthy through KidsFirst4Ever.

The 42-foot long motorhome, bearing signatures of others harmed by unsafe pharmaceuticals, will be parked from noon-2 PM so the state capitol can bear witness to vaccine injury and that risky pharmaceuticals must always be freely chosen.

Only one interview time remains available in Olympia.

Contact The People’s Study to Schedule an Interview