Truth Over Fear Summit: Online April 30-May 2

Inspiring & Educational Online Event from Patrick Coffin Media, LLC.

COVID-19 and The Great Reset ONLINE SUMMIT


From the Summit organizers:

Truth Over Fear summit is a three-day online gathering of 40 frontline doctors, scientists, attorneys, researchers, and journalists, who will share invaluable and eye-opening insights into the truth behind the headlines, Covid-19, the rushed vaccine, and the Great Reset.

Big Tech does not want you to hear this information and is working hard to censor us. Most of our presenters have been silenced. In fact, the same day we published this summit, YouTube terminated our account and we are now shadow banned everywhere.

You have the right to make INFORMED decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

Do not let anyone take those RIGHTS away from you.

We the People need to stand up and say ENOUGH.

Featured Speakers include:

  • Dr. Pierre Kory
  • Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò
  • Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr
  • Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg
  • Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD
  • Vladimir Zev Zelenko, M.D.
  • Claire Deeks NZ
  • Peggy Hall
  • Dr. Carrie Madej
  • Dr. Pam Popper
  • Jeff Barke, MD
  • Barbara Loe Fisher
  • Tony Roman
  • Peter A. McCullough, MD
  • Vera Sharav
  • Senator Scott Jensen, M.D
  • and many more!