31 WA State Deaths Reported to VAERS following COVID-19 Vaccination

We were promised absolute transparency every step of the way, so why is the WA State Department of Health not giving regular updates to the public about the ever-growing number of people reporting serious adverse reactions to the mRNA investigational COVID-19 vaccines?

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System is a passive system, and suffers from underreporting. Historically, less than 1% of all adverse events are reported. It is unknown what percent of adverse events and deaths are being reported following receipt of the COVID-19 vaccines. The data cannot be used to determine causality or prevalence of any reaction. However, it can reveal concerning safety signals and red flags.

Many deaths reported were in vaccinated elderly patients with underlying health issues who tested PCR positive and were said to have died from COVID-19. This phenomena is being reported worldwide, and many are calling for pre-screening for SARS-COV-2 infection before vaccination. Read more in this article by Dr. Noorchashm: “Vaccinating the Already Infected, Elderly And Frail: The Ominous Index Case At “The Commons on St. Anthony” — Auburn, NY.”

As the vaccine rollouts expand to younger age groups, a growing number of deaths are being reported in younger people. As of March 12, 146 deaths have been reported in vaccine recipients under age 60.

In Washington State as of March 12, there have been 713 Adverse Events reported to VAERS, including 31 deaths. Four deaths were under age 60.

You can read the WA State filed reports HERE.

There ARE protection options, including Ivermectin, which has been found to prevent infection as well as treat symptoms, reduce severe cases, and reduce fatalities. Learn more at: