Vaccinated Nurse in Seattle Caught Measles

Here is another example of vaccine failure creating potentially dangerous conditions. Presumption of immunity cannot be made by vaccination status.

“The nurse, who is in her 20s and works in the inpatient units, had received two MMR vaccinations and had worn “appropriate personal protective equipment” while caring for the pediatric patient but came down with the disease anyway.” Full article can be read at the

Wild measles infection creates lifetime immunity. In the past, before the introduction of the measles vaccine, this meant that nurses and doctors and others who worked with patients were protected from catching and spreading infection. It used to be that nearly everyone over age 15 had lifetime immunity from their childhood infection experience, which for the vast majority was benign.

Merck’s measles vaccine in the MMR II is unable to provide the same protection, and the herd immunity that existed before the vaccine was introduced is being lost. It has been estimated that 33% of adults who have been fully vaccinated are susceptible to clinical measles, and many are susceptible to subclinical measles earlier.  This will become increasingly visible in the coming years as the population of those with lifetime immunity (those born in  the 60’s and previous decades) shrinks.

We encourage everyone to educate their friends, family, legislators, and public health officials. We must work to find ways to protect those susceptible to poor infection outcomes. Rapid diagnostic, point-of-care testing, safe healing treatments (such as Vitamin A), and education of the public to recognize symptoms of measles before rash outbreak so they can take responsible action  are needed. Coerced vaccination  with Merck’s flawed  and fraudulent product is not the solution.