Vaccine-Free Parenting

What’s it like to live vaccine-free? Vaccines are tools designed for two main reasons:

  • Avoid severe symptoms of illness if exposed to a targeted bacteria or virus
  • Reduce the spread of a targeted bacteria or virus in the community

Vaccines are not designed to increase health. They contain no building blocks of healthy cells, no essential nutrients, no ingredients that support the immune system. They are tools with varying degrees of ability to achieve their intended purpose and that come with risks and unintended consequences.

What other tools do we have to avoid severe symptoms of illness and to reduce the spread of infection? Well, we have the most sophisticated tools on earth: our own immune systems.

Your immune system, if properly supported, can:

  • Allow you to gain natural immunity after exposure with minor or no symptoms
  • Provide long-lasting, broad protection against infection
  • Reduce or eliminate your ability to spread infection

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The Vaccine Free Parenting MasterClass

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