Vaccine Hesitancy = Medical Due Diligence

We are currently in a social-engineering war, with our own public health agencies spending billions to coerce and compel vaccine uptake in violation of every human rights declaration and clinical trial regulation. Information on natural immunity and effective treatments are being censored and denigrated to push the vaccination narrative. The unprecedented numbers of vaccine adverse reactions being reported following receipt of the COVID-19 vaccines, and the science revealing the dangers of the spike protein generated by recipients’ own cells, are all left out of the public messaging.

Facts are avoided because the full body of scientific knowledge on COVID-19 does not support the fear or vaccine campaigns. Social-marketing campaigns use emotion to drive action. The key emotions targeted are fear, and the noble human drive to do the right thing and to help other.

Let go of fear. Fear is unwarranted. Treatments exist and natural immunity is long-lasting and broadly protective.

But don’t lose your noble drive to do the right thing and help one another. Do your medical due diligence and share what you learn with others.