Vaccine Risk/Benefit Class & Practitioner Referral

Having trouble finding a licensed Washington State practitioner to inform you of the risks and benefits of vaccination (and the targeted illnesses) and sign that they have done so?

We can help.

Washington State law (cited below) requires parents to obtain a signed statement that they received childhood vaccine benefit/risk information from an MD, ND, PA, DO, or ARNP in order for them to utilize a personal/philosophical or religious exemption for their child. 

The current Certificate of Exemption Form (COE) can be found HERE.

Even though the Department of Health has a toolkit for providers (including billing instructions) to emphasize that the law provides for them to facilitate exemptions, it has become increasingly difficult for parents to find a Washington-licensed practitioner willing to provide the required information and sign the exemption form in the space provided for such proof, or a separate letter which can be attached to an exemption form, as per  RCW 28.210.090. A legal right that cannot be utilized because of artificial, arbitrary, outside, or coercive barriers threatens the foundation of a free society.

ICWA’s Vaccine Risk/Benefit Class and Practitioner Referral Service ensures parents and students have the required information and paperwork needed to assert their rights and will help schools maintain compliance with state documentation requirements.

We believe in informed consent and want to help ensure parents are fully informed regarding the risks and benefits of vaccine products and the targeted illnesses.

ICWA will not receive any personal medical information from attendees. ICWA will receive no compensation for this service.

Practitioners to whom ICWA refers participants to will each set their own terms for their consultation service, including any fees.

(2)(a)The [exemption] form presented must include a statement to be signed by a health care practitioner stating that he or she provided the [parent] signator with information about the benefits and risks of immunization to the child. The form may be signed by a health care practitioner at any time prior to the enrollment of the child in a school or licensed day care. Photocopies of the signed form or a letter from the health care practitioner referencing the child’s name shall be accepted in lieu of the original form.
(2)(b) A health care practitioner who, in good faith, signs the statement provided for in (a) of this subsection is immune from civil liability for providing the signature.

The corresponding WAC 246-105-050 states that a letter from the health care practitioner in lieu of the signed state exemption form is allowed The letter must:

(i) Indicate that the health care practitioner has provided the parent information about the benefits and risks of immunization to the child;
(ii) Reference the child’s name; and
(iii) Be signed and dated by the health care practitioner.
  • You register for our free class. You will receive a list of resources to begin exploring before you attend the class. Classes are held online every Wednesday at 7-8pm Pacific time. Attend the class, and an instructor will lead you through an overview of the resources and help you learn how to find what you need to know to be fully informed in your medical decision making regarding vaccination. You cannot learn all you need in an hour, or even a full day. Vaccination is a complex and in-depth subject, and each vaccine product and its targeted infection require individual attention.
  • When you register, you must tell us your real name, and during class, you must have your camera on. This is to ensure all attendees are legitimate and not from state agencies intent on causing trouble. Individuals from state agencies are welcome to attend our class on the condition that they openly identify themselves. We hope they choose to attend. They will learn much that may lead them to change their current policies and attitudes.
  • At the end of the class, you have the option of receiving a referral to a Washington-licensed practitioner who you can contact to set up a risk/benefit consultation at which you will receive a signed letter from the practitioner stating they have provided the information. Participating practitioners set their own terms and fees.