Vote For Medical Freedom

ICWA does not provide endorsements for any candidates, but we do provide resources to help YOU make informed decisions when casting your vote.

We have partnered with Stand For Health Freedom (SHF), a nonprofit aligned with our goals of restoring and protecting medical freedom and informed consent. We work with SHF throughout the year to distribute health freedom surveys to candidates and incumbents running for public office, and SHF publishes survey results in state voter guides.

Do you know someone running for office? Ask them to take the Health Freedom Survey HERE.

Want to know where WA candidates stand on Health Freedom issues? Find the Health Freedom Voter Guide, information about WA State medical laws, Action Alerts, and more HERE.


Looking for more than a stance? How about a pledge that states:

I hereby pledge that as an elected official I will oppose any government action and repeal/veto any law that would coerce or require any American to acquiesce to a medical product or procedure.

Visit the Medical Liberty Pledge website to see who in WA has pledged, and ask your elected officials and candidates to sign on! Go the website HERE.medical liberty freedom logo

The boards positions of the Medical Freedom Pledge are held by some of our favorite people! Aaron Siri, Nancy Barto, Catherine Layton, Scott Jensen, Jim Meehan, Todd Zywicki, Bob Sears, Peter McCullough, Brianne Dressen, Pierre Kory, Tony Lyons, Paul Marik, Kim Witczak, James Neuenschwander, Lela Lewis, Richard Urso, Karen Kain, George Fareed, Iran Pi, Kristen Chevrier, Jill Hines, Marlene Moss, and Maryjo Perry.