Who is running the WA STATE Response to Covid-19?

Who is running the WA STATE Response to Covid-19?

This ENTIRE Covid debacle — the blanket approach with no thought to the massive collateral damage — has been directed every step of the way by IDMOD, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation company, which has global goals of vaccination at all costs, along with vaccine i.d.s, and restriction of life and travel based on vaccination status. This is not conspiracy but what Bill Gates has said dozens of times in interviews — and what is said in the latest report:

“In the absence of a safe and effective vaccine, coexistence with the virus requires ongoing mitigation measures and recognition that return to normal will not be possible in all spheres of activity.”

That is simply criminal. Effective treatments exist now. And 99%+ of the population is not at risk of severe disease.

Doctors and scientists the world over have grave concerns about the safety of any coronavirus vaccine because of the potential for pathogenic priming and autoimmune reactions. Healthy individuals who are not susceptible to severe disease must be allowed to develop natural immunity while the susceptible protect themselves and are provided with their choice of effective treatments.

This will go down in history as the most disastrous state response to a TREATABLE infection ever.

Here is just the latest of IDMODs-GATES FOUNDATION reports, that DOH links to that is pushing masks and fear and waiting for vaccines instead of supporting treatments and getting back to normal life NOW.

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