YOUR Comments & Attendance Needed at BOH Meeting!


If you don’t want COVID-19 shots mandated to school children in WA, then you must ACT NOW!

The WA State Board of Health will be meeting on January 12, 2022, and they need to hear from YOU.

PLEASE BE AWARE that social media posts are circulating that misinterpret the agenda items. Since the BOH agenda does not explain the items, but only mentions WAC sections, it’s understandable how this happened. ICWA has written to the Board and asked them to update their agenda to clarify.
  • Item #9 is about updating a section of the WAC having to do with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases in response to legislation passed in 2020. See this BOH link:
  • Item #11 is about our (Informed Choice WA’s) GOOD petition asking for a new rule to prohibit the BOH from requiring for school attendance any Emergency Use Authorized products, or licensed products that lack completed Phase 3 trial studies. See below for more information.

Write to the Board at WSBOH@SBOH.WA.GOV by noon on Friday the 7th and tell them you . . .

  1. OPPOSE the Board’s formation of a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to review information about COVID-19 shots for consideration of mandating the shots for school. You oppose COVID-19 shot mandates, period!
  2. SUPPORT Informed Choice Washington’s Petition for Rulemaking (see below) — our petition is item 11 on the January 12th agenda. It was filed by Xavier Figueroa, PhD, on behalf of ICWA, and asks the Board to establish a new rule that prohibits them from adding any Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) product, or any licensed product that lacks completed Phase 3 trial studies, to the school required list.

ALSO! Please attend the online Board of Health meeting, if you can, via Zoom or by dialing in. The BOH needs to see just how many parents are opposed to them taking steps toward mandating COVID shots for children.

To view the January 12 BOH Agenda:

To access the meeting online and to register:

You can also dial-in using your phone for listen-only mode: Call in:

 +1 (253) 215-8782 (not toll-free)

 Webinar ID: 894 7406 4216

 Passcode: 957396

ICWA filed a Petition for Rulemaking with the BOH


UPDATE: ICWA submitted to the BOH a 27 page review of the COVID-19 shots (Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen) using the Washington State Board of Health’s “Criteria for Reviewing Antigens for Potential Inclusion inWAC 246-105-030”. Read that submission here: final ICWA to BOH and TAG on Criteria


Informed Choice WA has filed a Rulemaking Petition that will be discussed at the January 12, 2022 Board of Health meeting. See the Agenda:

If adopted, the new rule would prohibit the BOH from adding any EUA product to school requirement, as well as prohibit the addition of any licensed FDA product that lacks completed Phase 3 trial studies.


Submitted with the petition:

As noted in the Petition Filing, we are requesting the WA State Board of Health adopt a new, permanent rule prohibiting the Board from adding to the daycare or school requirements any Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) product or any licensed product formulation which has not yet completed Phase 3 clinical trials. This new rule request pertains to any and all avenues through which the Board has authority to add medical intervention requirements, including through regular or emergency rule-making.

We are requesting this Rule because despite the absence of an FDA licensed COVID-19 vaccine formulation with completed Phase 3 trial studies in children, and despite CDC-acknowledged risks of myocarditis and blood clots and the data showing children are not at high risk of severe disease or death from COVID-19, the BOH has gathered a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to examine adding COVID-19 vaccines to daycare & school requirements. This new rule is needed immediately to ensure that federal EUA regulations are upheld & to protect fully informed consent, which prohibits the use of coercion or undue influence, such as can be exerted by state requirements.

This new rule would impact and protect all minor children, and their parents and guardians, in WA State.

The Addendum attached provides just a few of the many resources available to support this petition. We request adequate time to present more information and expert testimony to the BOH in person or via an online meeting.


  1. Federal Emergency Use Authorization statutes prohibit school mandates of EUA products

“The possible side effects of the vaccine are still being studied in clinical trials. . . Under the EUA, there is an option to accept or refuse receiving the vaccine.” source: pp. 4-5

The option to accept or refuse an EUA product is not conditioned upon written assertion of exemption. Medical, personal, or religious exemptions are not required in order to exercise the right to refuse. Under EUA law, a parent or guardian may simply decline a shot for their minor child, without providing explanation or paperwork. A state-level daycare or school requirement introduces the need for filing of exemptions, unlawfully exceeding the parameters set forth by Congress for EUA products.

“FDA believes that the terms and conditions of an EUA issued under section 564 preempt state or local law, both legislative requirements and common-law duties, that impose different or additional requirements on the medical product for which the EUA was issued in the context of the emergency declared under section 564.” Source:

  1. Phase 3 clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines are not yet completed. C4591007—the main clinical trial in children and young adults with BNT162b2—has an estimated completion date of May 5, 2026. Source:
  2. The vaccine formulation now being given to U.S. children aged 5-11 is NOT the same formulation used in the clinical trials, and NOT the same formulation that has been administered to all other age groups under EUA. So even when current ongoing clinical trials are complete, the results cannot be assumed to be relevant to the safety or effectiveness of the new formulation.

“The vaccine that is authorized for use in children 5 through 11 years of age includes the same mRNA and lipids but different inactive ingredients compared to the vaccine that has been used under EUA in individuals 12 years of age and older and that has been studied in clinical trials.” Source: p. 2

The participants in clinical trials involving children aged 5-11 received “two doses of 10 μg BNT162b2 or placebo (saline)”, not the new formulation. Source: Pg. 17

Pfizer requested approval of the new formulation when they requested EUA for children 5-11. “Authorization is being requested for a modified formulation of the Pfizer‐BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. Each dose of this formulation contains 10 μg of a nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (mRNA) encoding the viral spike (S) glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2 that is formulated in lipid particles and supplied as a frozen suspension in multiple dose vials. . . To provide a vaccine with an improved stability profile, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for use in children 5-11 years of age uses tromethamine (Tris) buffer instead of the phosphate- buffered saline (PBS) as used in the previous formulation and excludes sodium chloride and potassium chloride.” Source: Pg. 14

  1. FDA admits safety unknown. Children are being used as test subjects, with their parents acquiescing under fraudulent marketing pressure. Public Health messaging does not match the reality of the current knowledge base. At the October 26 VRBPAC meeting, FDA Advisor Dr. Eric Rubin admitted: “. . . .but we’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it.” Source: @6:52:33
  2. The International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists has declared that children should be excluded from vaccine mandates:

Consensus is clear among MDs and medical PhDs: following 20 months of exhaustive research, millions of patients treated, hundreds of clinical trials performed and scientific data shared worldwide, they conclude that healthy children and the COVID-recovered should be excluded from restrictions and vaccine mandates.” 


Physicians Declaration II – Updated

Global Covid Summit

International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists

October 29, 2021

WE, THE PHYSICIANS OF THE WORLD, united and loyal to the Hippocratic Oath, recognizing the imminent threat to humanity brought forth by current Covid-19 policies, are compelled to declare the following:

WHEREAS, after 20 months of research, millions of patients treated, hundreds of clinical trials performed and scientific data shared, we have demonstrated and documented our success and understanding in combating COVID-19;

WHEREAS, in considering the risks vs. benefits of major policy decisions, thousands of physicians and medical scientists worldwide have reached consensus on three foundational principles;



      • Negligible clinical risks from SARS-CoV-2 infection exist for healthy children under eighteen.
      • Long term safety of the current COVID vaccines in children cannot be determined prior to instituting such policies. Without high-powered, reproducible, long term safety data, risks to the long-term health status of children remain too high to support use in healthy children.
      • Children risk severe, adverse events from receiving the vaccine. Permanent physical damage to the brain, heart, immune and reproductive system associated with SARS-CoV-2 spike protein-based genetic vaccines has been demonstrated in children.
      • Healthy, unvaccinated children are critical to achieving herd immunity. Natural immunity is proven to tolerate infection, benefiting community protection while there is insufficient data to assess whether Covid vaccines assist herd immunity.

Read the full Declaration complete with hyperlinked citations: