COVID Mandates Help: Your Rights–Shots, Masks, Tests

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Governor Inslee finally allowed the COVID-19 state of emergency to expire on October 31, 2022. Yet, he left a permanent primary series vaccination requirement in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) for executive branch employees, and he clearly encourages other state agencies, boards, and higher education employers to mandate COVID-19 primary shots for most state workers.

Inslee and his staff intentionally drafted religious exemption requirements for state employees that are so narrow almost no one qualifies. This is unethical, immoral, and illegal. Please see this news article for detail: Rantz: Email shows COVID religion exemption intentionally written to disqualify staff.

We hear you! Coercion is everywhere and you need to know your rights and actions you can take to defend them.

The vaccination mandates announced in 2021 on September 9 by President Joe Biden, and in August by Governor InsleeKing County, City of Seattle and Supreme Court of WA are unprecedented, and there are many declaring such mandates violate the Constitution and cannot be made by presidential executive order or by a governor’s emergency proclamation.

Not only do the mandates violate medical freedom and bodily autonomy, they are not scientifically sound. They are, in fact, dangerous. The COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent infection, transmission, hospitalization, or death. They actually increase risk of infection and risk of severe disease through antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). And they have proven to be the most dangerous vaccines ever introduced.

It is a crime against humanity that existing safe and inexpensive nutrient and drug protocols are being silenced in order to push the dangerous failed vaccines. It is a crime against humanity that superior natural immunity is being ignored.

You are not alone. Millions of Washingtonians are appalled at the vaccine mandates and seeking ways to fight from many angles.

Medical and Religious Exemptions are required to be available per federal and state law, and were announced with the governor’s proclamations (21-14, 21-14.1, 21-14.2, 21-14.3, 21-14.4, and 21-14.5).


You are encouraged to:

  1. Request a written copy of the employer’s policies setting forth their requirement and their criteria for evaluating exemptions.
  2. File a religious exemption or medical exemption with your employer after consulting with an attorney or by following the advice they provide on their websites (resources below).
  3. Download the Guide to Getting Employers into Checkmate regarding filing a complaint with a government agency regarding one’s workplace before an employee is terminated, from

Remember that attorneys can help over time, but there is no instant fix. We urge you to do your due diligence, understand your rights, and advocate for yourself. Each of us must assert our rights now—by resisting, talking to people, educating legislators and public health employees, and attending events. We are all in this fight together, and we each have a responsibility to be our own advocate during this unprecedented time.


  • Watch Attorney Tyler Smith’s video presentation on Oregon’s Employer Vaccine Mandate. Though created for Oregonians, the workshop covers federal law and other concepts that may apply to similarly-situated Washingtonians, such as the subject of “accommodations” and obligation to answer an employer’s clarifying questions.
  • Liberty Counsel offers written and video advice on preparing and filing a religious exemption, as well as addressing college and employers’ questions.
  • The Thomas More Society has information regarding applying for religious and medical exemptions, including responding to employers’ subsequent inquiries.
  • Download documents here regarding vaccine mandates and exemptions from lawyers at the Pacific Justice Institute. This information is being updated as the situation evolves, so check back to stay current.
  • Check out this Frequently Asked Questions page on workplace religious exemptions from Siri & Glimstad. They also offer a paid webinar here. For school and college exemptions, they have a free 10-page guide and a paid webinar available here.
  • Information on Governor Inslee’s vaccine mandates affecting state and healthcare workers in WA is available in this FAQ from Ellis, Li & McKinstry. (Note: this FAQ pre-dates Inslee’s August 18, 2021, announcement which expanded Proclamation 21-14 to include mandates for school and child-care employees).
  • A Voice for Choice Advocacy offers a religious exemption writing workshop video in exchange for a $25 donation. This organization has helped over 7,000 employees and students successfully assert REs from Covid and/or flu shots. Scholarships available. 
  • Religious exemptions guidance from America’s Frontline Doctors.
  • COVID Legal USA offers databases and algorithms to assist pro se parties with document preparation, instructions to navigate the U.S. legal system, and legal research. Its FAQs are available HERE.
  • Truth for Health Foundation provides a 66-page Legal Forms Template Package for military service members, as well as information regarding various legal remedies and strategies, including exemptions, for other individuals.
  • Disabled Rights Advocates – Civil Rights, Employment Law, COVID-19 Mandates, Military Law
  • 5 Small Stones – Resource site with templates and sample documents to help The People utilize our legal system, Pro Se.


We encourage you to seek individualized legal counsel to ensure your rights are fully protected. Here are some organizations offering that support:

  • Pacific Justice Institute, Thomas More Society, and Liberty Counsel are pro bono law firms that can help with denied exemptions, termination or suspension of employment or university attendance, discrimination, EEOC charges, and “accommodations.”
  • Law Office of Daniel J. Neilsen offers a 90-minute consultation for $400. Services include a letter supporting the exemption and assistance with any medical or religious documentation requested by the employer. For clients who were already denied a religious or medical exemption, the consultation includes a letter of inquiry regarding the denial and a request to reconsider based on state and federal constitutional requirements.
  • Boyles Law, PLLC, provides 2 hours’ work reviewing and advising clients on religious exemptions for a $500 fee. Located in Idaho, the practitioner is licensed to practice in Washington state.
  • Ellis, Li & McKinstry (ELM) offers 1-hour consultations for $500 to review your draft religious exemption and answer questions.
  • Siri & Glimstad offers counsel in preparing, filing, and obtaining medical and religious exemptions to vaccination for employees, students and immigrants. Due to hugely-popular demand for their specialized services, a retainer fee of approximately $1,700 can be required, depending on your circumstances.
  • For potential clients who have already asserted an exemption and now need legal advice negotiating accommodations or assisting with settlements in lieu of EEOC complaints and charges of discrimination, Siri & Glimstad offers services. The cost varies according to time required.
  • Jeanette Bowers Weaver, PLLC, will assist the client in preparing client’s religious exemption, provide counsel on the methods for transmission to employer/school, and assist with cover letter and other communications with the employer for a flat fee of $1,000+ (actual price will depend on each client’s unique circumstances). Please email her as opposed to calling.
  • If you need help protecting your constitutional rights, reach out to Silent Majority Foundation. This law firm uses a combination of education, advocacy, and litigation to preserve our rights (they have already sued Inslee, Biden, and Washington’s Democrat House leadership in separate cases). Send a message to one of the directors or to and explain your constitutional issue and the help you are seeking.
  • Austin Hatcher assists clients by reviewing and answering questions regarding religious exemptions for submission to employers and colleges. His fee is $100 for a 30-minute consultation.


The fastest way to stop the violations and restore lives and liberty is for everyone to stand their ground where they are, to educate where they are, and take whatever peaceful and legal measures are necessary. Here are some resources:

  • No College Mandates’s list of which US college require the jab.
  • Join US Freedom Flyers, an organization advocating for everyone who cherishes the freedom to move about the country and world without hindrance based on vaccination status. This group has also sued Biden and is seeking additional plaintiffs. 
  • Check out resources from Covid-Con & Beyond related to exemptions, statutes, the injection products, and more. Their recent conference videos are available for purchase, and you can read many tips and suggestions regarding mandates HERE.
  • Give this legal notice to your employer, commissioned by the Washington Civil Rights Council.
  • Share these formsavailable at The Solari Report, to help families, employees, students, and parents successfully implement due diligence and informed consent.
  • Print these for your employers and schools:
    • Health Freedom Defense offers these notices specific to mandates on vaccines, masking and testing. (FAQs available as well.)
    • America’s Frontline Doctors offers these customizable letter templates on masks and vaccines.
    • Children’s Health Defense offers these printable flyers from 2021 on vaccinesmasks, and testing.
    • Pamela Popper of Wellness Forum Health offers language for a letter to employers to request the guidelines the employer uses when reviewing exemptions.
  • Join Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR)They’re working to protect your right to bodily autonomy and right to make your own medical decisions.  They’re encouraging a legislative intervention and correction of the processes that led to Governor Inslee’s open-ended emergency declaration and unconstitutional, illegal mandates. For more information on what they stand for, check out their piece on Individual Choice and Bodily Autonomy vs. Vaccine Mandates.
  • Join Physicians for Informed Consent and consider making a donation.  Whether you’re a doctor, a business, a student, or individual who values health freedom, Physicians for Informed Consent offers various types of memberships, including some that are free. They deliver data to the public on infectious diseases and vaccines, and serve to unite doctors, scientists, healthcare professionals, attorneys and families who support voluntary vaccination. They also offer a variety of resources that benefit all, including newsvideos and events.
  • Take action to Put Our Kids First! Our partners at Stand For Health Freedom offer two easy steps. Step one: contact Governor Inslee and ask him to lift school COVID guidelines. Step two: sign up for full access to this presentation which you can share with your local school board and department of education officials. Stand for Health Freedom is an organization on a mission to help parents, grandparents and caretakers take back children’s education—and their health and wellbeing.
  • Check out Make Americans Free Again for resources and information on taking action where you are.
  • Make your voice heard by contacting Governor Inslee, your legislators (housesenate), and Washington Department of Health.
  • The Unity Project in California offers a helpful School Board Meeting Resource Package that includes talking points, short videos to present, and proposed resolution language for you to utilize in your communications.


Looking for an employer who values your right to medical freedom? Check out these job boards:

For those considering self-employment, this page provides a list of services in high demand.