FACTS not FEAR ~ Rally for Health Freedom

Please join us at the Capitol in Olympia

January 9, 2023 between 11am – 1pm!

Great Speakers and Inspiring Musicians

Supporting Legislators – working hard to protect freedoms and filing great bills

  • Jim Walsh, Representative from LD 19 which is Grays Harbor, down to Longview, and West to the Ocean, Jim defines tireless work to protect not just his district but the entire state’s constitutional rights. He’s filed school choice bills already this session, is very concerned with preserving parental rights, and he’s expected to sponsor new bill on Healthcare consumer protection.
  • Phil Fortunato, Senator from LD 31 and the Auburn area, always standing up for people’s rights, has filed SB 5139 to prevent being fired or otherwise discriminated for refusing COVID shots.
  • Cyndy Jacobsen, Representative from LD 25 and the area around Puyallup, has filed this sadly necessary bill HB 1025 to reemploy workers fired due to vaccine mandates.
  • Jeff Wilson, the Senator from LD 19 and the Longview area, has started this session to bring greater integrity to our elections.

Healthcare workers – gravely affected by the pandemic restrictions – not the virus

  • Alicia Summerson, RN – exemption refused by hospital system and fired; an example of what happened to so many others.

Informed Choice Washington News

  • Our directors will talk about ICWA and big upcoming news; how to be active for Health Freedom in Olympia; Turtles All The Way Down initiative explained.

Inspirational Music

  • Misty Flowers – Liberty-loving American Folk from Bellingham, WA; she’s a passionate performer blending folk, blues and country elements and a smokey sweet voice to help bring hope in this fight.
  • Rhymewave – Truth Hip Hop from Kalama, WA; main performer at 2022 Oregon Freedom Rally with Del Bigtree (TheHighwire.com). Complex and approachable rhymes, with a raw, vulnerable style. Pay attention to his relentlessly delivered messages of inspiration rooted in underground Hip Hop. Find Rhymewave on Spotify and Bandcamp. Look for Rhymewave’s debut full-length album coming 2023.