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August 26 Episode of An Informed Life Radio Notes and Links

Unvaxxed Parents Still Banned from Volunteering in Washington State Schools

This past Friday, August 26, Informed Choice Washington sent out an e-mail to its subscribers for a call to action to end the ban on parents who declined the COVID-19 mRNA gene therapy shots from volunteering in Washington state schools. 

This is a good time to also mention that this mandate from the governor led to Tom Wilson no longer having a wife, and his two children no longer having a mother. Jessica Berg Wilson was a thirty-seven-year-old mother who opposed taking the COVID-19 shot but was mandated to do so in order to serve in her children’s classroom as a “room mom.” On August 29, 2021, with no underlying health conditions, Jessica took the Johnson & Johnson shot at a Seattle pharmacy. She died on September 7, 2021. According to Jessica’s obituary, doctors diagnosed her with vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT), which is a rare, sometimes fatal, blood-clotting condition. The Defender published a detailed story about her death: 

Exclusive: Healthy Young Mother Dies of Vaccine-Induced Blood Clot. Then Twitter Censors Her Obituary. • Children’s Health Defense (childrenshealthdefense.org)

Below is the e-mail that was sent to ICWA subscribers: 

As you may know, CDC recently admitted that COVID-19 vaccine-free people should not be treated differently.

The August 11, 2022, MMWR states, “CDC’s COVID-19 prevention recommendations no longer differentiate based on a person’s vaccination status because breakthrough infections occur, though they are generally mild, and persons who have had COVID-19 but are not vaccinated have some degree of protection against severe illness from their previous infection.”

However, parents who exercise their right to decline COVID shots are still banned from volunteering in Washington State schools.

If this discriminatory policy bothers you (even if you’re vaccinated), please contact Jay Inslee, Umair Shah, and Chris Reykdal, the latter two of whom have said their hands are tied by Inslee’s proclamation. Ask them to tell Inslee to change it!

Governor Jay Inslee: 360-902-4111; leave an e-message HERE.

Secretary of Health Umair Shah: 360-236-4020; doh.secretary@doh.wa.gov.

OSPI Superintendent Chris Reykdal: 360-725-6000; leave an e-message HERE.

Please call, write, and share this action alert with likeminded friends and family. Thank you for your help!

ICWA appreciates Julia Orme, mother of three and former attorney, for this idea.