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September 23 Episode of An Informed Life Radio Notes and Links

Guest: Patricia Finn

Guest: Greg Glaser

Karl Kanthak Replay Interview Available

Informed Choice Washington advocate Karl Kanthak was one of the three dozen persons interviewed for the September 10 and 11 Vaccine Safety Awareness Marathon produced by We The Patriots.  

Vaccine Safety Awareness Marathon 2022 – Part 22: Karl Kanthak – We The Patriots USA, Inc

Teryn Gregson interviewed Karl for part twenty-two of the series. Below are the some of the highlights of the interview. 

+ Early in the interview, Karl flat out said, “There’s something going on that’s not normal.” 

+ Karl’s became actively involved in exposing data manipulation by public health officials in 2010 in Washington State when he was on a school board, and public health was using “a statistic for the wrong group of children.” He then got involved in the misrepresentation of statistics concerning vaccines in Vermont, Oregon, and Connecticut. 

+ Karl said that in Connecticut, all kinds of games were used to make vaccination rates look bad to scare legislatures to get rid of exemptions. And those games are used in every state.

+ The pharmaceutical industry saturated the pediatric market in the 1990s in three primary ways. 

  1. School rules for attendance. 
  2. The 1986 Prep act took liability away from the pharmaceutical companies. 
  3. Funding for children for any shots that are on the vaccine schedule. 

+ The group selling the phony chart in Washington was a public/private partnership where Merck and Pfizer “dumped all this money into a deal where they hired some workers  who were 40-percent from the state and 60-percent from these public/private partnerships.” Karl went on to say, “So the legislatures are under the mistaken impression that the public health doctors and officials are at least ethically bound, if not legally bound, for being honest, and that is simply not the fact. That’s how we get the ‘noble lie.’ ”

+ In great detail, Karl discussed the orchestration of SB277 in California, notably how the outbreak in Disneyland was used for removing vaccine exemptions in the school system. 

+ After citing several misleading school vaccination statistics in rural Washington, Karl  said of Washington legislatures that they “Deny thinking that the data is going to be framed in such a way as to influence them.” 

+ Karl stated that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, behind heart disease and cancer. He then asked the rhetorical question, “How many people do you know who died of medical error?” He further stated that there is no law that requires regulators to tell you that someone died of medical error. “The hospital staff is not obligated  to tell you that something went wrong,” he said. 

Myocarditis in Washington after COVID-19 Shots

Beyond the prevailing corporate narrative, there was much discussion this past week about the normalizing of myocarditis.

The September 22 episode of The Highwire  and the September 23 episode of Friday Roundtable on CHD-TV showed a commercial put out by New York-Presbyterian Hospital in which the  girl’s audio goes as follows: 

 “I’ve been into fashion since I can remember, but one day I got a stomach ache that was so bad, I didn’t want to do anything. The team at New York-Presbyterian actually told me that it was my heart that was severely swollen. Something called myocarditis. And they gave me medications and used machines to control my heartbeat, and it saved me, so now I can become the next great fashion designer.” 

On The Highwire, Del Bigtree then shook his head in disgust and said, “It’s moments like these that make me think we may be the stupidest species on this planet. I mean, if we put up with an issue that was never an issue before the COVID shot rollout began, and now we’re normalizing it for our children, I just feel sorry for those who are this gullible.”  

The HighWire | Watch

Jefferey Jaxen added, “We just want to remind viewers that we never heard of myocarditis as a reaction to vaccinations until the COVID-19 shots began rolling out.”

Jaxen then showed a VAERS graph revealing that reports of myo/periocarditis after all vaccines were barely above zero through 2020. But in 2021, the bar shoots up to nearly 30,000 cases.  Thus far for 2022, the bar reaches close to 25,000 cases.

Jaxen then referred to a study in which tissues were taken from heart cells.  

IJMS | Free Full-Text | Intramyocardial Inflammation after COVID-19 Vaccination: An Endomyocardial Biopsy-Proven Case Series | HTML (mdpi.com)

He then quoted the following from the study: 

“In the present cohort, the SARS CoV-2 spike protein was found to be expressed on cardiomyocytes in 9 of the 15 patients. Thus, vaccine-encoded spike protein seems to reach the heart, where it might trigger inflammatory response, resulting in the development of myocarditis or DCMI. 

“Although causal relationship between and the occurrence of myocardial inflammation cannot be established based on the findings, the cardiac detection of spike protein, the CD4+ T-cell-dominated inflammation and the close temporal relationship argue for a vaccine-triggered autoimmune reaction.”

On the Friday Roundtable, Dr. Peter McCullough called the New York-Presbyterian Hospital commercial a lie and, a couple questions later, he said the following:  

“The first manifestation of myocarditis can be cardiac arrest, which can happen on the playing field during exertion or during sleep as well as the development of heart failure later on. Because there are no long term assurances or studies on safety, we have no idea how much damage will occur. Recently, a report from the CDC published in the Lancet demonstrated that 17-percent of children who develop myocarditis, three months later, still have disabling symptoms.” 

Of the 15,719 reports of myocarditis following the COVID-19 shot listed in the Vaccine Adverse Event Recording System (VAERS) as of September 16, 2022, 117 of those cases occurred in Washington.

Below is the age breakdown: 

6-17 years: 30

18-29 years: 40

30-39 years; 20

40-49 years: 14

50-59 years;  4

60-79 years; 5

80-plus:  1

Unknown:  3

Total: 117

Of the 322 deaths from myocarditis following the COVID-19 shots listed in VAERS, two of those deaths occurred in Washington. They are the following. 

VAERS ID: 1499689

The report of the 35-year-old male’s death was entered into VAERS on July 24, 2021. His onset of symptoms began twenty-three days after taking his first Pfizer shot on May 11, 2021. The end of the write-up reads as follows: ED note initially mentions concern for myocarditis due to vaccine causing heart failure and subsequent respiratory failure, but appears this piece was written prior to MRI showing basilar stroke. Death note has myocarditis listed as a cause of death (among many), though a bit unclear if this was intentionally listed or just reflects a list of all hospital problems. Also had a CT of his head which showed scattered foci of gas within intraorbital soft tissues along with mild proptosis; unclear etiology for this (perhaps a fall with facial injuries prior to arriving at hospital?) Awaiting additional physician notes/imaging reports.

VAERS ID: 2057959

The report of the 62-year-old male’s death was entered into VAERS on January 23, 2022. Onset of symptoms began sixty-nine days after taking his second Pfizer shot. The daughter’s write-up said that his autopsy showed aortic dissection, massive cardiac arrest as well as myocarditis and enlargement of the heart, fluid around the heart.