Listen to the Public Comments – All Opposed to Shot Mandates


  • State Employee Union Accepts New Contract with COVID-19 shot requirement & $1000 booster bonuses. Since nearly everyone objecting to Inslee’s emergency mandate has already been fired, virtually all current state employees have already received a primary series. By agreeing to the contract (96% of members voted to approve), they condemned future employees to injection requirements or the inability to be employed by the state. Most religious and medical exemptions approved have not been accommodated and the employees fired.)

September 27, 2022  The WA State Office of Financial Management held a public meeting via Zoom to hear oral comments on their proposed rulemaking that, if adopted, would create permanent COVID-19 vaccine requirements for state workers.

ICWA’s written comment is available HERE.

We are awaiting their decision. OFM staff stated:

“A letter will be generated following the conclusion of the Special Directors Meeting outlining the decision on this Rule Amendment.”

“[OFM] staff is proposing permanent adoption effective November 1, 2022.”

If Governor Inslee and WA state agencies believe that they have the authority to mandate COVID-19 shots, then there is no shot or medical intervention that is ineffective enough or dangerous enough they would not consider forcing upon the public.

Another COVID-19 shot mandate has made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Please see: Physicians for Informed Consent Files Amicus Curiae Brief with Supreme Court of the United States Supporting Workers’ Rights to Refuse COVID-19 Vaccination