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IPAK-EDU is pleased to announce a summer course for 2022


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Do you know your rights as a patient? As a human subject? #IPAKEDU is now offering a live, summer bootcamp online course on Medical Ethics and Informed Consent. Get the fundamentals fact on medical rights and informed consent and be empowered!

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IPAK-EDU Summer Workshop/Bootcamp

Medical Ethics, Informed Consent and Human Rights

Syllabus (Subject to Change)

This is an instructor-led live online discussion of readings on the special topics of medical ethics, informed consent and human rights. Students will read specific articles before each class meeting and engage in the discussion. To prompt discussion, the instructors will distribute a list of questions along with the readings for the students to consider. Students should write down their own questions and thoughts as they do each reading assignment and be prepared to discuss and ask questions of the instructors and of each other during the class meeting.

Instructors: Dr. James Lyons-Weiler and Bernadette Pajer

Week 1. Course Overview and Motivation

Week 2. Early Individual Rights in Medicine

Week 3. Early Human Subject Experimentation and Nuremberg

Week 4. Helsinki

Week 5. Guest Speaker (TBA)

Week 6. Doctrine of Informed Consent in Medicine: US

Week 7. Doctrines of Informed Consent in Medical Research: US

Week 8. Right to Try, DNRs

Week 9. Vaccine Choice

Week 10. Special Protections: Pregnant women & children, other vulnerable populations

Week 11. Privacy Rights

Week 12. Executive Powers During Time of Crisis

Week 13. Constitutional Infringements

Week 14. Guest Speaker (TBA)

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