It’s not misinformation, it’s the missing information.

ICWA prepared a 4-page “menu” of important information consumers need to know in order to make informed decisions. On this page, you’ll find links to fuller explanations of the topics, hyperlinked to published science, so you can do your own research and determine what is right for you and your family . . . and so you can determine how active you want to be in calling for vaccine industry and policy reform.

For more information about Natural Immunity and Germ & Terrain Theories, please visit our Healthy Immunity Page and read our article “Perfectly Designed“.

To learn more about the science of each vaccine product and Herd Immunity, please visit our Community Immunity and Unintended Consequences pages.

Please visit the following pages for specific information about:

MMR: Merck’s MMR II and Measles and these posts History, RNA, Encephalopathy, Errors, CDC

DTaP/Tdap: Appeal to Remove DTaP/Tdap and Pertussis

Hepatitis B Vaccines: Birth Dose? and external link to Published Study on mouse model of HepB vaccine infant exposure

HPV/Gardasil: HPV Vaccine on Trial and RFK, Jr. video

Flu Vaccines: Flu Vaccine Page

Federal Vaccine Injury Table: external link to Federal Table

Vaccine Injury Compensation Cases: external link to Special Masters Rulings

CDC Vaccine Price List (note that the price of several vaccines changed on Sept. 1, 2019, after our menu was printed, including the price of Gardasil and MMR)

 CDC Vaccination Schedules (external link)

National Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (external link)

Pipeline Vaccines (external links) Fierce Pharma and Pharmacy Times