The Military Purpose Behind Flu Vaccination Campaigns

First published on our Substack page November 7, 2022.

Our notes and thoughts on ‘The Defender Show’ Episode 69: Disappearing Flu Data with Dr. Robert Malone, J. Jay Couey, Ph.D. + Others

One of the most important videos to date. We encourage everyone to watch.

‘The Defender Show’ Episode 69: Disappearing Flu Data with Dr. Robert Malone, J. Jay Couey, Ph.D. + Others

Summary: “Using a highly coordinated messaging campaign, governments around the world led by the WHO changed our minds about all cause mortality, the coronavirus swarm, our immune response to respiratory RNA virus, and the idea about vaccination. The goal seems to be to accomplish a worldwide fundamental inversion from natural human rights to government granted permissions and ultimately the surrendering of sovereignty over our own bodies in the guise of international public health.” Jonathan Couey (quote read by RFK, Jr at beginning of video.)

The panelists on the show:

  • Meryl Nass, MD
  • Robert Malone, MD, PhD
  • Tess Lawrie, MD, PhD
  • Jessica Rose, PhD
  • J. Jay Couey, PhD of DRASTIC Research
  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, JD

Our Key Takeaways & Thoughts

  1. The response to COVID was able to happen, in part, because of the existing flu infrastructure that includes CDC data manipulation to creates illusions of high hospitalization and death numbers to a specific pathogen, when wanted.
  2. For many years, CDC has grouped all pneumonia and flu-like respiratory illness into a catch-all category they called “PI” for pneumonia and influenza. The totals are estimates, not actual death numbers.
  3. CDC & state public health agencies have used this catch-all estimation number in flu vaccination campaigns, implying the number reflects “flu deaths”, even though documented deaths due to actual influenza (targeted by flu vaccine makers) account for less than 7% of all the PI deaths.
  4. Robert Malone: “The primary objective of the annual flu campaigns is not to prevent influenza death . . .The primary objective is to maintain ‘Warm-Base’ manufacturing capacity.
  5. COVID has been added to this catch-all category so now CDC estimates “PIC” – for pneumonia, influenza, and COVID deaths.
  6. The public has been misled for years into thinking antibodies generated by vaccines equate to immunity, but antibodies are not a correlate of protection, and the immune response to illness is far more complicated than mere detectable antibodies. Keeping the public uninformed keeps them compliant.
  7. For COVID, global campaigns were executed to change how we think.
    • How we think about the Human Corona Virus (novel, never seen before!)
    • How we think about All-Cause Mortality (deadly! be afraid!)
    • How we think our immune system responds to a respiratory virus (no good, only vaccines protect!)
    • How we think about immunization, vaccination, and immunity (vaccines don’t protect from infection, transmission, disease, or death, but get them anyway, they work!)
  8. National and global flu fear-and-vaccine campaigns accomplish several things:
    • Maintain global vaccine warm-base manufacturing & distribution infrastructure capability for military response to pandemics and bioterrorism. [See BARDA“The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), within the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, provides an integrated, systematic approach to the development of the necessary vaccines, drugs, therapies, and diagnostic tools for public health medical emergencies such as chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) accidents, incidents and attacks, pandemic influenza, and emerging infectious diseases.”
    • Creates a global population that “believes” in vaccination and is in the habit of complying to public health and governmental calls to get vaccinated.
    • ICWA infers from this that naturally acquired immunity, healthy lifestyles, readily available nutrient and oxidative therapies, repurposed time-tested drugs, simple measures such as gargling with H202 or iodine solutions, are NEVER included in massive public health campaigns because they do not serve the actual goals of maintaining vaccine and drug war-manufacturing infrastructure or population compliance with policies. And they undermine uptake, and profitably, of new Pharma products.
    • Military & global power goals are disguised as public health goals, but require suppression and censorship of data/facts to maintain fear and product uptake.
    • There is a long-standing myth/urban legend about the 1918 influenza pandemic (H1N1).  The apparent bacterial co-pathogen is not looked at or explained.
    • Governments cannot spin-up or spin-down the biological manufacturing capacity,  they need to maintain the infrastructure to be ready when they want to use it.
  9. Bioweapons spending has exceeded nuclear weapons.
  10. The logic of the National Security State (NSS) is very utilitarian: “The Ends Justify the Means”. Their logic: It is so dangerous out there that in order to prevent an attack/disaster, they need to apply psychological operations on our own populaceto get to the purported goals of the NSS.
  11. In-Q-Tel (CIA and other intelligence agencies) keeps funding rapid response capability against biotech weapons. New funding has been sent to Canada.
  12. mRNA technology is the shiny new platform that many in Department of Defense (DoD) and Health and Human Services (HHS) have chosen to keep the bio-security state alive and kicking.  That is why there is such a push to get mRNA shots into mainstream acceptance.
  13. Industry now discussing rollout of COVID mRNA vaccines for entire livestock industry, which could be justification for expanding and maintaining manufacturing capacity.
  14. All of this is a massive “cash-cow” for the biopharma industry. More than 100 mRNA vaccine clinical trials in progress, “all grandfathered in without having to have new pre-clinical trials” and over 200 new mRNA-based medical products are in the pipeline.
  15. Immune-imprinting (aka “original antigenic sin”) via annual flu shots is driving down effectiveness and driving up susceptibility. It is the ideal product to create increased disease.  Studies show that folks that get repeated flu shots are more likely to get flu.
  16. With multiple doses being given, immune-imprinting is now happening with the COVID shots. Robert Malone stated regarding the new COVID bivalent shot: “I couldn’t design a better product to elicit the adverse events in outcomes associated with immune imprinting if I had sat down at a computer for six years. It is the ideal product for driving immune imprinting, which has been the chronic problem with influenza vaccine, and the government doesn’t care.”
  17. Because so many people had already had some form of coronavirus (common cold, etc, with significant cross-over protection) before getting an mRNA COVID shot, the immune response was not “primary” but a “recall” or “boost” response. The vaccine makers did not examine this or incorporate it into their study design, but claimed all credit for any immune response of their products.
  18. There was a planning meeting held by Margaret Liu at the WHO in which ALL the Regulatory Agencies from the West were brought together (before the COVID operation began). The purpose of the meeting was to establish that RNA technology was going to be THE platform for vaccination and more.  The delivery system was to be accepted and the sequence (eg. for an immunogenic protein) could be changed as needed without the need for large and costly clinical trials (if they disregard all safety issues that emerge). 
  1. The WHO declared a pandemic, deeming SARS-CoV-2 a “dangerous virus” which allowed them to convert “a large percentage of all cause mortality” into “COVID-19” deaths and a global health priority.
  2. Per J. Jay Couey: “Gain-of-Function research may not be that dangerous, and in fact, the only thing we know for sure is that they’ve been working on immunogenic proteins.” He also states, “a NAID (Fauci-led National Allergy & Infectious Disease) funded designer protein may or may not be involved in the initial biological incident.” If it is involved, then it likely “contaminated the viral swarm that already exists.”
  3. Dr. Meryl Nass stated that medical doctors did see, and continue to see, that what is called COVID does have unique properties, and the characteristics of the illness syndrome are quite different from the flu syndrome. She does agree with Couey that the numbers were inflated through the mechanisms he described. 
  4. Public health leaders in many nations instructed their nation’s medical infrastructure to record deaths from many causes as COVID deaths if deceased had been PCR-positive or suspected of being positive, whether or not the virus was the underlying or immediate cause of death. See this call for a Congressional Investigation in the U.S.
  5. Dr. Tess Lawrie provides data from Scotland that shows other respiratory deaths and perhaps cancer, circulatory and other deaths, seem to have been counted as COVID deaths.
  6. From 2020 until now, Emergency Use Authorization (not validated or licensed) PCR and antigen tests were used to claim a novel pathogen was/is present and responsible for symptoms/death, to the exclusion of all other bacterial and viral causes, and ignoring major medical issues that actually led to symptoms/death.
  7. Basing public health policies on the results of PCR and antigen tests has been criticized by many, including experts in their fields and the inventor of the PCR test.
    • Non-COVID causes of death – including and especially iatrogenic (medical-intervention) causes – more accurately and easily explain the spikes in death.
  8. All-Cause Mortality is being omitted from public health discussion to focus attention on an unproven new pandemic cause of death – even when there is no evidence of a pandemic due solely to a novel infection.
    • It must be noted that after the roll out of COVID-19 shots, not only did COVID-19 disease increase, but so did non-COVID all-cause deaths. These excess deaths include cardiac issue such as heart attacks, strokes, and SADS-Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.
  1. The use of antibody titers and the oversimplification of the immune response has been used to make the vaccines and the tests the de facto measures to keep declaring a pandemic and pushing the tests and shots.
  2. National and global agencies and the media have kept us focused on THE VIRUS (Lab leak or Natural Origin) to keep us from examining the true underlying goals of their policies and actions.
  3. The logic of using luciferase to test the lipid nanoparticle (LNP) vector: it allows you to replace the delivery payload with anything.  No need to test new mRNA sequences.  It is a way to bypass the regulatory process and pre-clinical trials.
  4. Defective interfering particles: Virus replicate and produce proteins or incomplete viral shells.  These particles can interfere with the ability of cell and antibodies to stop full viruses.
  5. The engineered spike proteins appear to be highly immunogenic and may be the cause of the high symptoms associated with infections and shots.

“I couldn’t design a better product to elicit the adverse events in outcomes associated with immune imprinting if I had sat down at a computer for six years. It is the ideal product for driving immune imprinting, which has been the chronic problem with influenza vaccine, and the government doesn’t care.” 

Robert Malone, regarding the new COVID bivalent shot