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January 6, 2023 Episode of An Informed Life Radio notes and links

Guest: Scott Schara



Xavier Figueroa
Post 7: On Why the SARs-Cov-2 Virus and the SARs-Cov-2 Virus Gene Therapies Do Not Matter As Much as We Think They Do…
Note: I was planning on publishing this article weeks earlier, but the number of reports and actions people are taking forced me to sit down and incorporate the bad and the good news that is coming out. Furthermore, the legal analyses and the amount of information on federal and international laws that have been applied and altered is staggering and dem…
  • WA-HB 1045 “The legislature further finds that climate change will spread disease faster than in the past, creating a new normal where interruption of the labor market, quarantines, and mass-disabling events like those seen during the COVID-19 pandemic become more common place.”

Documents Scott Schara mentioned:

ICWA Speaks Loud and Clear at the State Capitol

On the first day of the 2023 legislative session, Informed Choice Washington’s “Facts not Fear” rally began on the steps of the Washington State Capitol’s Legislative Building with a moment of silence for those who had died from the COVID-19 shots or had been affected by the shot mandates. About 100 attendees withstood the steady drizzle of rain to stand for their medical freedom.

“Informed Consent makes our country strong,” Representative Jim Walsh (R, LD 19) said to the crowd as the event’s first guest speaker. “The mass disabling we’re getting has been suspending our civil liberties.”

Rep. Jim Walsh displays the book given to him by ICWA Vice President Bob Runnells—Turtles All the Way Down: Vaccine Science and MythAt the end of the rally, ICWA advocates hand-delivered copies of the book to the offices of the state representatives and senators.

Representative Cyndy Jacobsen (R, LD 25) also spoke at the event.

Jacobsen focused on a bill she is sponsoring, HB 1029, which would “create a pathway for those employees to be reemployed in their former positions if they choose.” She also expressed her skepticism that because of the Democratic majority in the legislature, the bill would not make it to committee.

Senator Jeff Wilson (R, LD 19) said that informed choice is everything, and that we need truthful–not political–science. He encouraged the crowd to stay engaged in the fight here in Washington.

Senator Phil Fortunato (R, LD 30): told rally attendees about his SB 5139 preventing Covid vax requirements for everyone in Washington and requiring that fired workers must be rehired. He also announced another bill he’s sponsoring: a Childhood Rights Act to prevent sexually explicit material in schools.

Deputy Republican Whip Senator Perry Dozer (R, LD 16), encouraged people to come back in person to support his Parental Rights Bill, SB 5024, designed to increase transparency on who’s teaching our kids and what they’re being taught.

All four lawmakers reminded advocates to stay active and engaged in the legislative process, because that makes a difference.

A half hour into the event, the most moving speech came from Alicia Summerson, a registered nurse who spoke publicly for the first time about getting fired from her hospital job because she declined to take the COVID-19 shot.

“I just saw too many red flags when we were given so little information,” Summerson said. “These firings over the mandates took hundreds of nurses from the bedsides of state hospitals. They now can’t fill positions, and the system is breaking. My daughter can’t even get into a nursing school because she refuses to take the shot.”

The crowd was treated to two musical performers; truth and freedom rapper Rhymewave, and folk guitarist/vocalist Misty Flowers.

Misty also shared the achievements of Be Brave Washington, a medical freedom action organization based in Whatcom County. At the moment, members from the group are on the verge of possibly filling two public positions on the Whatcom County Health Advisory Board.

Vice President Bob Runnells touted the history of achievements for Informed Choice Washington, its rallies, flash mobs, conferences, educational resources, supporting and opposing legislation and rulemaking, and more. For instance, In 2019, ICWA flew in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, Mary Holland, Del Bigtree, Brian Hooker, and Toni Bark when proposed bills threatened to remove philosophical exemptions to all school required vaccines and to the MMR specifically (the former bill did not pass, but the latter did). ICWA also sponsored a Judy Mikovitz town hall meeting in Woodinville, and ICWA proudly protested at “open Washington” and “no mandates” events over the past few years.

Runnells announced that ICWA is helping found a Washington State chapter of Children’s Health Defense. “This will give us access to their legal team as well as scientists and doctors,” Runnells said. Runnells also put out a call for additional team members to help with the ICWA cause.

Another exciting reveal was that Rep. Walsh will be priming ICWA’s bill this session. It will improve our Consumer Protection Act so that Washington government agencies are required to comply with the same advertising laws that apply to drug and device manufacturers. Elimination of this double standard will serve to restore trust in public health. Bipartisan support is anticipated.

An eerie moment occurred at noon as Runnells discussed the dangers of House Bill 1045 and played a recording of Klaus Schwab’s pseudo-utopian look into the future: out of nowhere, a gust of wind blew over the tents, as if nature was demonstrating the power of the global technocratic elite that everyone is facing.

But the crowd had their own response. On two separate occasions, Victoria Palmer led chants that declared, “We the people will not be quiet!”

Of note concerning the moment of silence to start the rally: the latest report from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System at the Center’s for Disease and Control and Prevention shows 33,469 deaths following the COVID-19 shots with 211 of those deaths occurring in Washington. The question is how many in the Washington State legislature are aware of these figures.