Current Status:

Currently two bills in Olympia that are designed to remove the personal exemption to vaccination. Here is the status of both bills:

SB 5841:  is dead for this year since it did not make it off the senate floor by the 5pm deadline on March 13. You can check on its status HERE.

HB 1638: on March 5, the bill was passed by the House with 57 yeas; 40 nays; absent, 0; excused, 1. This bill removes the personal exemption to the MMR only, but it could be amended moving forward. The journey of a bill has several stages. It begins in one “chamber” or “house” and if approved, moves to the other and starts the process again. HB 1638 bill is now with the Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee. You can check on its status HERE. You can also comment on the bill there by using the comment feature.

Here are a list of key points you can include in your phone calls, meetings, emails, and letters:

Measles is NOT causing a health crisis in the U.S.

  • We are told infants too young to be vaccinated and those with compromised immune systems are in grave danger from vaccine-free individuals, and so medical freedom of choice was be sacrificed to protect them. Is this accurate and just? No.
  • There are tens of millions of vaccine-free infants and immune-compromised individuals in the United States and yet in the past decade, there has been just a single potential measles death, and that was in an adult, vaccinated individual.
  • We are not in any sort of health crisis regarding measles in the United States. Mass vaccination campaigns using Merck’s MMR vaccine, however, are leading to unintended consequences that Public Health agencies must address. Increasing vaccination is not the solution.
  • Even 100% vaccination rates would NOT eradicate measles because of primary failure, secondary failure, and other issues.

Will passing HB 1638 increase vaccination rates of MMR?

No. Inaccurate rate data is being repeated everywhere. Statewide, the current MMR exemption rate is only 2.9% — and that includes ALL exemption types: personal, religious, and medical.

In Clark County, where the current measles cases are located, the exemption rate to MMR is 5.3%.

Personal Exemption Rate use has GONE DOWN in the past couple years per the DOH School data.

  • The cases have been entirely within a tight-knit Slavic/religious community that does not fear measles. Please encourage your Senator to contact Clark County Public Health and request up-to-date information about where cases were acquired and how many cases are now fully recovered.
  • Measles is not a dangerous infection to healthy individuals with adequate Vitamin A levels.
  • Most of the adults in the outbreak community have lifetime immunity because they had measles as children, and they are passing this protection on to their healthy children by allowing them to safely experience wild infection.
  • The case of origin was a vaccinated visitor from the Ukraine who nonetheless had measles.
  • There have been no cases in infants under a year because mothers who had measles in childhood provide strong passive immunity to their children (unlike vaccinated mothers.)
  • Respectful isolation of their children during times of contagion has kept the cases within their community.
  • Self-monitoring for symptoms of infection at times of exposure and respectful isolation at first sign of fever–which comes prior to the rash and marks the beginning of the infectious stage–as well as use of rapid diagnostic testing–are steps vaccine-free individuals, and vaccinated individuals with waning immunity–can take to prevent the spread of infection.

Those who currently use a religious or personal exemption for the MMR will NOT choose to vaccinate if this bill passes. These parents have deeply held convictions based on faith, science, and distrust of the controversial MMR vaccine product.

These parents know that Merck’s MMR vaccine product has serious safety and legal issues:

  1. Merck is currently on trial in federal court for fraud regarding their MMR vaccine, accused by two of their own scientists.
  2. Senior Research Scientist Dr. William Thompson turned whistleblower in 2014 regarding fraud committed in 2004 in CDC MMR safety study.
  3. Dr.’s Kelley and Zimmerman of John Hopkins University, top pediatric neurologists, have recently testified under oath that some children can have adverse reactions to vaccination that lead to lifelong neurological disorders.
  4. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., of Children’s Health Defense, has recently filed a fraud complaint with the DOJ inspector general against the DOJ attorneys involved in cover-up and misrepresentations in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings (OAP).
  5. The rubella portion of the MMR contains fetal DNA fragmentswhich many oppose for religious, philosophical, moral, and scientific reasons, including the danger of insertional mutagenesis, autoimmune reactions, and more.
  6. This bill is driven by concern over measles, but because there is no single-measles vaccine, only Merck’s controversial trivalent MMR, it’s requiring parents to choose a flawed and potentially fraudulent product.
  7. The measles portion of Merck’s MMR does not confer lifetime immunity.
  8. Less than 1% of all vaccine reactions are reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.
  9. At a press conference following the House hearing of HB 1638, Swedish Hospital pediatrician Dr. Rupin Thakkar admitted that because we lack an adequate reporting system “we really don’t have statistics about who dies from the vaccine.”
  10. The CDC Vaccine Information Statement states that MMR is contraindicated for anyone who has a parent, brother, or sister with a history of immune system problems.
  11. The following are MMR vaccine injuries on the Federal Vaccine Injury Table that qualify for compensation without going through “Vaccine Court”: Anaphylaxis, Encephalopathy or encephalitis, Vasovagal syncope, Chronic arthritis, Thrombocytopenic purpura, Vaccine-Strain Measles Viral Disease.
  12. Side effects listed in Merck’s MMR package insert. FDA requires all adverse reactions with PLAUSIBLE connection to the product to be listed. FDA does not require Merck to investigate these:For the body as a whole: panniculitis, atypical measles, fever, syncope, headache, dizziness, malaise. For the cardiovascular system: vasculitis, which means inflammation of the blood vessels that could lead to stroke. For the digestive system: pancreatitis, diarrhea, vomiting, parotitis, and nausea. For the endocrine system: diabetes mellitus. For the hemic and lymphatic system: thrombocytopenia, purpura, regional lymphadenopathy, and leukocytosis. For the immune system: anaphylaxis and anaphylactoid, related phenomena such as angioneurotic edema (including peripheral or facial edema) and bronchial spasm. For the musculoskeletal system, there is arthritis, arthralgia, and myalgia. For the nervous system, Merck lists encephalitis, encephalopathy, measles inclusion body encephalitis (MIBE), subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE), Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), transverse myelitis, febrile convulsions, afebrile convulsions or seizures, ataxia, polyneuritis, polyneuropathy, ocular palsies, and paresthesia. For the respiratory system: pneumonia, pneumonitis, sore throat, cough, rhinitis. For the skin: Stevens-Johnson syndrome, erythema multiforme, urticaria, rash, measles-like rash, and pruritis.For the ears, Merck lists nerve deafness and otitis media. Deafness? For the eyes, the company lists retinitis, optic neuritis, papillitis, retrobulbar neuritis, and conjunctivitis. For the urogenital system, there is epididymitis and orchitis. And last but no least: death.

February 22, 2019

SB 5365 Hearing Video Testimony

SB 5365 (to require titer-testing option notification prior to vaccination, and notification of availability of exemptions) passed out of the Senate Health & Long Term Care Committee and is now with the Ways and Means Committee.

Bill Introduction, Senator Wagoner –bill sponsor, Michelle Roberts (DOH, opposing), Bernadette Pajer, Susie Olson-Gorgan

February 20, 2019

SB 5841 Hearing Video Testimony

SB 5841 (to remove the philosophical/personal belief exemption for all  vaccines) passed out of the Senate Health & Long Term Care Committee and is now with the Rules Committee.

Hearing Introduction
Jill, Concerned Citizen
Del Bigtree
Karl Kanthak
Del Herd Immunity
Dr. Theresa Deisher
Gabe Blomgren
Bernadette Pajer

February 8, 2019

HB 1638 Hearing Video Testimony

HB 1638 (to remove the philosophical/personal belief exemption for the MMR vaccine),  passed the House Health Care and Wellness Committee, and moved to the Rules Committee. Legislators report this bill is “dead” and the focus is turning to the Senate bill.

Dr. Toni Bark, MD, MHEM, LEED, AP

Dr. Brian Hooker, PhD, PE

Robert F. Kennedy Jr

Mary Holland, MA, JD

Rally Speeches

HB 1638 Rally Speeches

Hearing & Rally Photos

Instructions for attending Hearings:


Login on to the WSL Public WiFi

AFTER you log on to WiFi go to:

Once there sign in with your information and register your position . (Pro-for the bill, Neutral or Con-against the bill)

Once registration is complete, you hit done. If you want to register other people in your party, you can go back and repeat the steps.

Those would like to line up to be in the hearing room or overflow rooms may do so. We will be leading chants outside and having our voices heard and presence known. Come prepared with 25 copies of your written testimony to hand in as public comment, but keep a copy in case you get the opportunity to speak your truth and opposition.

As a reminder, no signs will be allowed in the hearing room or overflow rooms. Also, signs with sticks are not allowed in any of the Legislative buildings. Please do bring signs though. This is our day.

As long as we are peacefully protesting and allowing people who work at the Capitol to get between the buildings, we will be allowed to continue.

PARKING: DES provides over 600 parking spaces for visitors in various lots and metered parking spaces at the Capitol Campus. Information and a detailed map can be found at DES’s “Parking for Visitors” web page .…

The City of Olympia also provides metered on-street parking just north (toward the water) of the Campus, and throughout downtown. In addition, Diamond Parking offers several hourly parking lots in the downtown area.View our interactive parking map on our Downtown Parking Options page.

To the south of the Capitol is the historic South Capitol Residential Neighborhood. While short-term, on-street parking is available in that neighborhood, it is closely enforced. We encourage you to respect the residential nature of this neighborhood and to park instead in one of the visitor lots on the Capitol Campus, or at the on-street parking at the Capitol and on the streets north of the Campus.

SB 5841 bill information here:

HB 1638 bill information here:

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