Critical COVID-19 Case Rescued with Critically-Needed Nutrients and Protocols

When Christopher contacted health authorities because of his symptoms, he was told to quarantine and do what he could to take care of himself. That’s it. Since there is no current drug with federal approval, they had nothing at all to offer him. No advice to avoid Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Ibuprofen, no advice to take vital nutrients that become severely depleted during illness because they are critical to your immune system fighting infection. He did what all the product commercials and many allopathic doctors still say, despite the science showing the dangers — he took OTC (over-the -counter) drugs that crashed his immune system and made things worse.

But Christopher’s wife saved him. She got ahold of a natural practitioner who told him to stop taking the OTC’s and instructed him on the correct dosing of supplements and how to proceed with other healing protocols. Please watch this video interview by Dr. Brownstein taken just four days after Christopher thought he was going to die.

ICWA encourages everyone to contact a natural health practitioner now, before you get sick, to be guided by them how to support and build your immune system, and who can guide you through healing protocols if you do get sick.

NOTE: The below link is now broken. Youtube has violated Free Speech Rights by removing a video that was simply a doctor interviewing a man who recovered from COVID-19 using natural protocols. When another source is available, we will provide the link here. It is clear that the Pharmaceutical Industry, which controls many of our government agencies, does not want individuals to know they have the power to heal with natural methods. Please join the medical freedom movement and stand for your right to choose, and the right to hear alternatives to allopathic medicine.

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